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2016-2017 Graduate Student Fellows   

Timothy M. Foster  
Joe and Mary Harper Fellow  
“Dissonant Conquests: Literature, Music, and Empire in Early Modern Spain”
Department of Spanish and Portuguese  

Lance R. Ingwersen 
George J. Graham, Jr. Fellow 
“Mexico City in the Age of Theater, 1830-1901”
Department of History  

Shelby L. Johnson  
American Studies Fellow  
“An Earthly Witness: Race, History, and Early Atlantic Juridical Theologies, 1770-1840”
Department of English  

Allison R. McGrath 
“Redefining a Rape Culture: The Influence of Anti-Violence-Against-Women Organizations on Mass Media Discourse”
Department of Sociology  

Tatiana McInnis 
Elizabeth E. Fleming Fellow 
“Missing Miami: Rethinking Region, Nation, and Diversity” 
Department of English  

Scotti M. Norman  
“Understanding Cultural Transformation through Revitalization: Taki Onqoy and Early Spanish Rule”
Department of Anthropology  

Michael W. Purvis  
“Moving Images: The Contemporary Distribution & Canonisation of Latin American Cinema”
School of Modern Languages, Queen’s University Belfast  

Kanetha B. Wilson   
“Survivorship in Women of Color: An Examination of Psychosocial Resources for Black Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer”
Department of Sociology