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2013-2014 Graduate Student Fellows 

Emily M. August, American Studies Fellow
Department of English
“The Nineteenth-Century’s New Body: Surgical Poetics, Mortuary Aesthetics, and Cultural Anesthetics”

Whitney N. Laster
Department of Sociology
“Racial Hierarchy and Liminality in South Africa: A Case Study of Coloureds’ Social Location, Attitudes, and Experiences”

Aoife Laughlin
School of History, Queens University (Belfast)
“Defining America: Race, Religion, and Ethnicity in the 1848 Presidential Election”

John T. Maddox, Joe and Mary Harper Fellow
Department of Spanish
“Dramas of Memory: Slavery and African Oral Traditions in the Historical Novels of Manuel Zapata Olivella and Ana Maria Gonçalves”

Paul C. Morrow, George J. Graham Jr. Fellow
Department of Philosophy
“Social Norms in the Theory of Mass Atrocity and Transitional Justice”

Aubrey K. Porterfield, Elizabeth Fleming Fellow
Department of English
“Modernism’s Choreographies of Stillness: Race, Inertia, and Agency in Twentieth-Century Texts”

Ansley L. Quiros
Department of History
“‘The Devil and Jesus in Americus, Georgia’: Lived Theology in the Civil Rights Movement in Americus, Georgia, 1942-1978”  

Jamie E. Shenton
Department of Anthropology
“Aspirational Horizons and Bodily Logics of Production: Intergenerational Shifts and Competing Identities among Kichwa Women in Amazonian Ecuador”