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2012-2013 Graduate Student Fellows 

Michael J. Alijewicz
“‘Nothing Is but What Is Not’: Subjunctive Aesthetics in Early Modern England”
Department of English

Elizabeth S. Barnett, American Studies Fellow
“Aboriginal Issues: Shifting Perspectives from the ‘Indian Vogue’ to Native American Modernisms”
Department of English

G. Cory Duclos
“Fighting from the Margins: Discourse, Subversion, and Realism in Early Modern Spanish Narrative”
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Lara L. Giordano, George J. Graham, Jr. Fellow
“Redemptive Criticism: Sigmund Freud, Walter Benjamin, Stanley Cavell, and Democratic Culture”
Department of Philosophy  

Caroline L. Hovanec, Elizabeth E. Flemming Fellow
“Zoological Modernism: Literature, Science, and Animals, 1895-1933”
Department of English  

Paddy M. McQueen
“Rethinking Recognition: Establishing the Conditions of a Livable Life”
School of Politics, International Studies, and Philosophy, Queen’s University (Belfast)  

Rosie M. Seagraves, Joe and Mary Harper Fellow
“She as He: Cross-Dressing, Theater, and ‘In-Betweens’ in Early Modern Spain”
Department of Spanish and Portuguese  

Jennifer A. Vogt
“Respecting the Competition: Artisans, Development, and Cooperative Practices in Peruvian Andes”
Department of Anthropology