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2008-2009 Graduate Student Fellows 

Jeffrey Edmonds
Department of Philosophy
“Power and Pure Experience: The Metaphysics of Education”

Donald Jellerson
Department of English
“Ghost Complaint: Historiography, Gender, and the Voices of the Dead in Elizabethan Literature”

Sonalini Sapra, George J. Graham Jr. Fellow
Department of Political Science
“Feminist Environmentalism and Neo-Liberal Globalization: Activist Initiatives for Environmental Justice”  

Derrick Spires, American Studies Fellow
Department of English
“Reimagining a ‘Beautiful but Baneful Object’: Black Activists’ Theories of Citizenship and Nation in the Antebellum U.S.”  

Laura Taylor
Department of Religion
“The Wisdom of LaFrontera: A Christology from and for the Interstices”

Jonathan Wade, Mary and Joe Harper Fellow
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
“Portuguese Nationalism in a Castilian Costume: Language, Literature, and Politics in the Iberian Peninsula from 1580 to 1640”  

David Wheat
Department of History
“Seaport Slavery and Free Black Vassals in the Spanish Caribbean, 1570-1640”