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2007-2008 Graduate Student Fellows 

Michael Callaghan
Department of Anthropology
“Symbolic Capital and Ceramic Prestige Goods in the Terminal Preclassic Period Holmul Region, Guatemala”

Josh Epstein, George J. Graham Jr. Fellow
Department of English
“Sublime: Noise: Musical Culture and the Modernist Writer”  

Megan Moran
Department of History
“Patriarchy in Practice: Women, Family, and Power in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy”  

George Sanders, American Studies Fellow
Department of Sociology
“‘Late’ Capital: Negotiating the New American Way of Death”  

Nicole Seymour
Department of English
“Foreign Bodies and Anti-Bodies: Contagion, Production, and Queer Transformations in Twentieth- Century Texts”

David Solodkow  

Department of Spanish and Portuguese
“Ethnographic Writing, Racialization of the ‘Other’ and Eurocentrism in Latin America: A Cultural Critique of Modernity”  

Heather Talley
Department of Sociology
“Face Work: Cultural, Technical, & Surgical Interventions for Facial Disfigurement”