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Faculty Publications

“Contingent and Contested: Preliminary Remarks on Buddhist Catalogs and Canons in Early Japan.”  Japanese Journal of Religious Studies . 41/2 (2014): 221-253.

Bryan D. Lowe, "The Scripture on Saving and Protecting Body and Life: An Introduction and Translation." Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies (27) 2014: 1-34.

Bryan D. Lowe, "Buddhist Manuscript Cultures in Premodern Japan," Religion Compass 8/9 (2014): 287-301. 
Nancy G. Lin, “Purity in the Pudding and Seclusion in the Forest: Si tu paṇ chen, Monastic Ideals, and the Buddha’s Biographies,” Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies 7 (August 2013): 86-124.!jiats=/07/lin/