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American Academy of Religion 2019 Annual Meeting
San Diego, California
24 November 2019
"Decolonizing Religion: Theory and Method from the Margins"

By examining approaches to the study and definition of “religion” that emanate from the experiences of marginalized peoples, this roundtable calls attention to the histories of violence and subjugation concealed within the theoretical and methodological tools of the field, illuminates the limitations of canonical definitions of religion, and explores the possibilities of decolonized critical tools.  The central questions that organize our roundtable is: how do scholars study the religiosity of precolonial and colonized peoples (ref)using intellectual apparatuses entrenched in histories of colonialism?  Moreover, how do scholars teach “theory and method” courses without reifying religious, racial, sexual, and political hierarchies within, between, and in relationship to historically marginalized groups?  Working from the margins of Indigenous Studies, Africana Studies, and American Religious History, this roundtable explores the possibilities––for pedagogy and praxis––that are opened when canon and uniformity are deprioritized, as well as the ethical imperatives of this unapologetically decolonial work.

Alexis Wells-Oghoghomeh, Vanderbilt University
Natalie Avalos, University of Colorado
Elana Jefferson-Tatum, Tufts University
Laura McTighe, Dartmouth College

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
6 April 2018
"Why Did Judaism Survive in Early Modern Germany?"
David H. Price

Field Memorial Lecture
Hebrew Union College
21 February 2018
"History as Defense of Judaism?: Reassessing the New Enlightenment Historiography of Judaism"
David H. Price

Society for Reformation Research
Commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation
Nuremberg, Germany
July 2017
"The Jewish Culture War in Nuremberg: Albrecht Dürer and Devotional Anti-Judaism"
David H. Price

PThU International Conference
Keynote Address
Groningen, Netherlands
April 2017
"Signs of Life: Theories of Resilience and Theologies of Multiplicity"
Laurel C. Schneider

Workshop: Nationalism, Populism and Racism in Post-Liberal Times
Vanderbilt University
25 March 2017
"Religion, Nationalism, and the Anthropocene"
Anand V. Taneja

Urban Humanities Lecture Series
New York University 
6 March 2017 
"Elsewhere in the City: Islam, Ecology, and Other Temporalities in the Medieval Ruins of Delhi"
Anand V. Taneja

Department of Anthropology
University of Toronto, Scarborough
25 January 2017 
"Muslim Saints and Hindu Daughters: Unusual Intimacies and Ethical Life in the Medieval Ruins of Delhi"
Anand V. Taneja

South Asia Seminar
University of Chicago
5 January 2017
"Muslim Saints and Hindu Daughters: Kinship, Ethical Self-Fashioning, and Inter-Religious Relations at Firoz Shah Kotla Daragh, Delhi"
Anand V. Taneja

Southern Historical Association Annual Meeting
St. Pete Beach, Florida
November 2016
Panelist: "Southern Religious History in the Twenty-First Century"
Alexis S. Wells-Oghoghomeh

Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association
Minneapolis, Minnesota 
18 November 2016
"Muslim Saints and Hindu Daughters: Rethinking the Discursive Tradition from Delhi"
Anand V. Taneja 

American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting
San Antonio, Texas
November 2016
"Of Hags and Witches: The Limits and Possibilities of Magic in the Study of Enslaved Religiosity in the Lower South"
"Rituals of Reproduction: Childbirth, Midwifery, and Initiation Among EnslaveD Women in the Lower South"
Alexis S. Wells-Oghoghomeh

Postcolonial Haunting Panel / Gay Men's Studies in Religion Panel 
American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting
San Antonio, Texas
November 2016
Panel Respondent: "Haunted House of Religion: the Chumash Mission" (Postcolonial Haunting)
Paul Respondent: "Unruly Methods" (Gay Men's Studies) 
Laurel C. Schneider

American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting
San Antonio, Texas
November 2016
"The Philosophical Jew and the Identity Crisis of Christianity in G. E. Lessing's Nathan the Wise"
David H. Price

Workshop Paper - Doctoral Program in Anthropology and History
University of Michigan
11 November 2016
"Saintly Visions: The Ethics of Elsewhen"
Anand V. Taneja

Workshop: Muslim Thought and Practice in South Asia: New Practices and Directions
Boston University
28 October, 2016
"Islam as Ethical Inheritance: Rethinking the 'discursive tradition' through 'dargah culture'."
Anand V. Taneja

Annual Conference on South Asia
Madison, Wisconsin
22 October 2016
"Desiring Women at the Daragh: Love and Transgression at an Islamic Shrine in Delhi"
Anand V. Taneja

Invited Lecture - South Asia Program and Department of Anthropology 
Cornell University 
19 September 2016 
"The Afterlives of Islamic Architecture: Ethics, Ecology, and Other Times in the Medieval Ruins of Delhi"
Anand V. Taneja

Workshop: Animals, Law, and Religion
Harvard Law School
20 May 2016
“Animal Accusers and the Rhetoric of Suffering: Troubling the Human/Animal Divide”
Richard McGregor

Workshop: Global Studies
New York University, Abu Dhabi
10 May 2016
“The Cosmopolitan Figure as Ethical Exemplar in Tenth-Century Basra”
Richard McGregor

Annual Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies
Seattle, Washington
3 April 2016
"The Popular Afterlives of Mughal Translation: Some Thoughts from the Daragh of Firoz Shah Kotla"
Anand V. Taneja

Public Lecture / Workshop Paper, Department of Religious Studies 
Stanford University
9 & 10 March 2016
"Post-Colonial Temporalities: Archival Amnesia and Apotropaic Mnemonics in Post-Colonial Delhi"
"The (Vanished) Nature of the Sacred"
Anand V. Taneja

Rising Cities in Asia Workshop
Yale University 
7 March 2016
"Jinnealogy: Arcival Amnesia and Islamic Theology in Post-Partition Delhi"
Anand V. Taneja

Bogitsch Lecture
Vanderbilt Divinity School
25 February 2016
"Islamic Saints and Hindu Daughters: Kinship, Ethical Self-Fashioning, and Inter-Religious Relations at Firoz Shah Kotla Dargah, Delhi."
Anand V. Taneja

University of Cincinnati
January 2016
"Why Did Judaism Survive in Early Modern Germany? -- The Jewish Policy of Maximilian I"
David H. Price

American Academy of Religion
Atlanta, Georgia
November 2015
"Flesh and Poetry in Mayra Rivera"
Laurel C. Schneider

Institute on Religion in an Age of Science
Keynote Address
Star Island, New Hampshire
August 2015
"Queering the Religion and Science Debate"
Laurel C. Schneider

Public Lecture
Harvard University Center for World Religions
April 2015
"When the Book is a Coyote: Native and Christian Influences"
Laurel C. Schneider

Veritas Forum: "Encountering Evil: Vanderbilt Faculty Discuss Suffering"
18 February 2015
Vanderbilt University, Langford Auditorium
Moderator: Paul Lim
Panelists: Scott Aikin, Sandra Barnes, Nancy Lin, Keith Meador, David Weintraub
Canceled due to inclement weather; may be rescheduled for a later date.

Lady Sriram College, Delhi University
Delhi, India
31 October 2014
Guest Lecture: "History in a City without Literature: Some reflections on Delhi and Urdu."
Anand V. Taneja

Indian Institute of Habitat Studies
Bangalore, India
20 October 2014
Guest Lecture: "Jinnealogy: Archival Amensia and Islamic Theology in Post-Partition Delhi." 
Anand V. Taneja

Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association
Chicago, Illinois
24 November 2013
“Apotropaic Mnemonics: Forgetful archives, everyday life, and the post-colonial condition in Delhi”
Panel: "The Bureaucratic and the Profane: Conceptualizing the Metaphysics of Governance"
Anand V. Taneja

42nd Annual Conference on South Asia
Madison, Wisconsin
18 October 2013
“Of Stones, Birds and Other Muslim Saints: The Shifting Moral and Ecological Landscapes of Urban North India”
Panel: "Other Than Human: Affective Spaces and Animals in Contemporary India"
Anand V. Taneja (Panel Organizer)

Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference
San Diego, CA
21-24 March 2013
"Behula's Healing Power: A Narrative of Tantrika Corpse Revivification?" by Tony K. Stewart
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Aesthetics of the Sublime: Religious Text and Rhetorical Theory
International Workshop, Cairo
15-17 December 2012
"Grappling with the Bengali Imaginaire: Making Sense of Informal Aesthetic Decisions
in Religious Fold Genres" by Tony K. Stewart
"A Quick Look at the 'Gaze' in Premodern Islamic Visual Culture" by Richard McGregor
[download flyer]2.18 Event