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Islamic Studies Seminar

Islamic Studies Seminar

Visions of Diversity: Middle Eastern Arts and Aesthetics Seminar 2022/2023

Co-directors: Richard McGregor (Religious Studies, VU) and Raheleh Filsoofi  (Art)

The relationship between the humanities and the cultures of the Middle East is a long and complex one. This seminar will explore some of the nuances of this relationship and fully embrace the diversity of those influences and reception. An overarching conversation will extend throughout the year, focusing on the production, transmission, and reception of the aesthetic impluses with the Middle Eastern inspiration.  The seminar will explore a series of ongoing art projects in parallel with focused discussions of related themes and analysis.  We will investigate the interplay of aesthetic communication with performance, cross-cultural bridging, community building, trauma, displacement, and self-discovery.  Our goal is to illuminate the Middle Eastern contributions to our evolving contemporary aesthetic lives.    

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