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Islamic Studies Seminar

Islamic Studies Seminar

Islamic Studies Seminar 2021/2022

Co-directors: Richard McGregor (Religious Studies, VU) and Ida Nitter (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Univ. of Pennsylvania)*

The Islamic Studies Seminar is a collaborative academic space where students and faculty critically evaluate the study of Islam. The goal of the seminar is to establish a cross-disciplinary conversation at Vanderbilt, engaging diverse fields across the Humanities to examine and discuss works-in-progress. With presentations spanning various subjects in Islamic Studies from the medieval to modern era, the seminar is an opportunity for academic enrichment and outreach. The seminar also highlights the work of both Vanderbilt and non-Vanderbilt academics, generating networks of scholarly review that go beyond the University.    

As the RPW Center explores the theme of "Environments," this year's Islamic Studies Seminar will also focus on the Islamic topography of Cairo and its interconnected web of sacred spaces and embodied agency. Religious rituals, pilgrimages, and processions are woven up with devotional textuality, both historical and poetic, to produce the topographies of Islamic piety.

*The co-directors will host this year's meetings from Cairo, Egypt, with a focus on devotional Islamic landscapes and literature.

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