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Dan Margalit

Professor of Mathematics
Chair, Dept of Mathematics

Dan Margalit grew up in Flanders, NJ, the son of two Israeli immigrants. He received his Sc.B. in Mathematics from Brown University in 1998 and his Ph.D. in Mathematics from The University of Chicago in 2003 under the direction of Benson Farb. He was on the faculty at the University of Utah and Tufts University before moving to Georgia Institute of Technology, where he became Professor. Margalit's mathematical interests are in the areas of topology and group theory. These areas concern shapes and their symmetries. Margalit is on the editorial board of Advances in Mathematics. He authored the book A Primer on Mapping Class Groups with Benson Farb, co-edited Office Hours with a Geometric Group Theorist with Matt Clay, and wrote an online textbook, Interactive Linear Algebra, with Joe Rabinoff. Margalit received a Sloan Research Fellowship in 2009 and a National Science Foundation CAREER Award in 2010. In 2016, he was the inaugural recipient of the Leddy Family Faculty Fellowship in the Georgia Tech College of Sciences. Margalit was elected as a Fellow of the AMS in 2019, "For contributions to low-dimensional topology and geometric group theory, exposition, and mentoring." In 2021, he won the Levi L. Conant Prize from the American Mathematical Society, which recognizes the best expository paper published in the Bulletin of the AMS or the Notices of the AMS in the preceding five years.

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