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Advancing Solutions to Climate and Ecological Needs and Discoveries

Local Communities, Students & Researchers

Some challenges are best approached together! To develop actionable solutions we are crowdsourcing science by bringing together local community participants, high-school and undergraduate students, and research scientists from many different disciplines at Vanderbilt University.

Together, we will build resources and advance solutions to tackle different but interconnected challenges to our local environment, our climate, and our health.


Opportunities for Seasoned Researchers and Budding Scientists

The ASCEND Initiative aims to provide a variety of resources and opportunities to contribute, learn, and discover more about the interconnected systems of biodiversity, climate change, chemical pollution, and soil and human health. Some of these opportunities include immersive undergraduate participation, learning resources, K-12 science kits for school and at-home participation, and community-supported science collaborations.

ASCEND Soil Microbes and Climate Change Project ASCEND Nashville Biodiversity Project
ASCEND Chemicals in the Garden Project