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European Studies draws upon renowned teachers and scholars in the Departments of Anthropology, Economics, English, French and Italian, Germanic and Slavic Studies, History, History of Art, Musicology, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Spanish and Portuguese, and in the programs of Jewish Studies and Women's and Gender Studies.

Core Faculty

Michael D. Bess , Chancellor's Professor of History; Professor of European Studies (Ph.D., California, Berkeley) Twentieth-Century Europe, with a particular interest in the social and cultural impacts of technological change, (615) 322-3340,

Joy Haslam Calico , Professor of Musicology; Professor of European Studies (Ph.D., Duke) Opera, music and politics; cultural politics in the Soviet Bloc, especially the GDR, (615) 322-2528,

Emily Greble , Associate Professor of History; Associate Professor of German, Russian, and East European Studies (Ph.D. Stanford University) East European History, Minorities in Europe, Yugoslavia,

Ari Joskowicz , Director of the Max Kade Center for European and German Studies, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies; Associate Professor of European Studies; Associate Professor of History (Ph.D., Chicago) Jewish history; modern European history, with a focus on Germany and France; minorities and nationalism; political and intellectual history, (615) 343-1743,

Torben Lütjen , Visiting Associate Professor of European Studies and Political Science (Ph.D., University of Göttingen),

Meike G. J. Werner , Associate Professor of German, Associate Professor of European Studies (Ph.D. Yale) Nineteenth and Twentieth Century German literature and culture, (615) 343-0404,

Christoph Mirko Zeller , Associate Professor of German (Ph.D. Stuttgart [Germany]) Eighteenth to Twentieth-Century German Literature, (615) 322-2821,

Associated Faculty

Celia Applegate, William R. Kenan, Jr. Chair of History (Ph.D., Stanford) Culture, society, and politics of modern Germany, with particular interest int the history of music; nationalism and national identity,  (615) 343-1983,

Robert F. Barsky , Professor of French; Professor of Comparative Literature; Professor of English; Professor of Jewish Studies (Ph.D., McGill [Canada]) Comparative literature, especially of the  Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries; Jewish radical thought, (615) 322-2652,

David Blackbourn , Cornelius Vanderbilt Distinguished Chair of History, (Ph.D. Cambridge) Modern German and European history; social, political and cultural history; the history of religion; environmental history and the history of landscape; transnational history, (615) 343-7196,

William James Booth , Professor of Political Science; Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D., Harvard) Memory, identity, and justice, (615) 322-2491,

Victoria A. Burrus , Associate Professor of Spanish (Ph.D., Wisconsin-Madison) Medieval Spanish literature, (615) 322-6860,

Lauren R. Clay , Associate Professor of History (Ph.D., Pennsylvania) History of the Old Regime and revolutionary France and its empire, with particular interests in urban cultural and civic life and the emergence of a commercially oriented society,  (615) 322-5947,

Nathalie A. Debrauwere-Miller, Associate Professor of French Jewish Studies (Ph.D., Emory) Twentieth-Century French literature and culture and feminist theory, (615) 322-6906,

Nathalie Dieu-Porter , Senior Lecturer in French (D.E.A., Mons-Hainaut [Belgium]) French language and culture, (615) 322-6908,

Robert A. Driskill , Professor of Economics (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins) International trade, (615) 322-2128,

Lynn E. Enterline , Nancy Perot Chair in English (Ph.D., Cornell) Early modern British literature, (615) 322-3705,

Leonard Folgarait , Professor of History of Art (Ph.D., California, Los Angeles) European art, (615) 322-0090,

William P. Franke , Professor of Comparative Literature; Professor of Italian; Professor of Religious Studies (Ph.D., Stanford) Italian literature, (615) 322-6902,

Edward H. Friedman , Gertrude Conaway Professor of Spanish; Professor of Comparative Literature; Professor of European Studies; (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins) Early modern Spanish literature, (615) 322-6929,

Jay Geller , Associate Professor of Theology; Associate Professor of Modern Jewish Studies (Ph.D., Duke) Antisemitism, modern Jewish identity, the Shoah and film, (615) 343-3968,

Barbara Hahn , Distinguished Professor of German (Ph.D., Freie, Berlin [Germany]) Modern German literature with a special interest in women's studies, (615) 322-2611,

M. Donald Hancock , Professor of Political Science, Emeritus (Ph.D., Columbia) European Union and comparative European politics,

Joel F. Harrington , Professor of History (Ph.D., Michigan) Early modern Europe, especially Germany, (615) 322-3351,

Christopher M. S. Johns , Norman L. and Roselea J. Goldberg Professor of Art History (Ph.D., Delaware) Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century European art, (615) 322-2849,

Lutz Koepnick , Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Chair in German; Professor of Film Studies (Ph.D., Stanford) German literature; film; media; visual culture; new media aesthetic and intellectual history from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century, (615) 322-2611,

John Lachs , Centennial Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D., Yale) 19th century German idealism, (615) 343-0321,

James McFarland, Associate Professor of German Studies (Ph.D., Princeton University) Idealist philosophy; Nietzsche; critical theory; film; modernism, (615) 343-3188,

Andrea Mirabile , Associate Professor of Italian; Associate Professor of Film Studies (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Relationships between verbal and visual arts in Italian culture; cultural interplays between Italy and France; literary theory, (615) 322-6913,

Kelly Oliver , W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy; Professor of Women's and Gender Studies (Ph.D., Northwestern) Nineteenth and Twentieth Century continental philosophy, (615) 343-0334,

Lynn T. Ramey , Associate Professor of French (Ph.D., Harvard) Medieval and Renaissance French literature and culture, (615) 322-6904,

Philip D. Rasico , Professor of Spanish and Catalan Language and Linguisitics (Ph.D., Indiana) Catalan and Spanish language and history, (615) 322-6859,

Allison Schachter , Associate Professor of Jewish Studies; Associate Professor of English (Ph.D. California, Berkeley) Comparative Jewish literature; Hebrew and Yiddish modernism; French Jewish culture, (615) 343-3186,

Thomas Alan Schwartz , Professor of History; Professor of Political Science; Professor of European Studies (Ph.D., Harvard) History of international relations, (615) 343-4328,

Virginia M. Scott , Professor of French and Applied Linguistics; Director of Second Language Studies (Ph.D., Emory) Second language acquisition, and French language, (615) 322-6903,

Helmut W. Smith, Director of Digital Humanities; Martha Rivers Ingram Professor of History; Professor of European Studies (Ph.D., Yale) Early Modern and Modern German History, (615) 322-6220,

Holly A. Tucker , Professor of French; Professor of Medicine, Health, and Society (Ph.D., Wisconsin) Early modern French literature,(615) 322-6905,

Francis W. Wcislo , Associate Professor of History; Associate Professor of European Studies (Ph.D., Columbia) Modern Russian history, (615) 322-4948,

Mark A. Wollaeger , Professor of English (Ph.D., Yale) Modern British fiction, (615) 322-7463,

David C. Wood , W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy; Professor of European Studies; Professor of Art (Ph.D., Warwick [United Kingdom]) Contemporary European philosophy, (615) 343-7189, 

Andres Zamora , Associate Professor of Spanish; Associate Professor of European Studies; Associate Professor of Political Science (Ph.D., Southern California, Los Angeles) Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Spanish literature, (615) 322-6858,