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Past Events

Fall 2023

  • August 31 – John Kornblum (Ambassador in Residence, Vanderbilt University), “Redefining the Atlantic”
  • September 8 – The Future of Opera: A Symposium (keynote by Anne Schreffler, James Edward Ditson Professor of Music, Harvard University), co-sponsored
  • October 10 – Klaus Vieweg (Professor of Philosophy, Jena University) “Hegel’s Adventures in Wonderland, or The Beginning of Philosophy”
  • October 16 – Celeste Ray (Director of Environmental Arts and Humanities and Chair of Anthropology), “Ethnoscience, Climate Change and Regenerative Practices at Ireland’s Holy Wells,” co-sponsored
  • October 23 – Fireside Chat with British Ambassador, Dame Karen Pierce and Morgan Ortagus

Spring 2023

  • January 19 – Geraldine Byrne Nason, Ambassador of Ireland, “Ireland: The Global Island and A Gateway to Europe”
  • January 26 – Lucia Allais (Associate Professor of Architecture, Columbia University), “Sandbagged Monuments: An International History”
  • February 8 – Udi Greenberg (Associate Professor, Dartmouth College), “Christian Sex and Religious Pluralism in Twentieth Century Europe”
  • February 22 – Ben Ratskoff (Visiting Assistant Professor, Hebrew Union College), “Demonic Grounds of Comparison: Black Writers on Nazism in Real-Time”
  • March 29 – Marianne Hirsch (William Peterfield Trent Professor Emerita of English, Columbia University) and Leo Spitzer (Professor of History Emeritus, Dartmouth College), “Memory in Liquid Time: Photography as a Medium of Possibility and Repair”
  • April 6 – Alice Stašková (Professor of German, University of Jena), “Als ob: Der Fiktionalismus von Hans Vaihinger in Literatur und Theorie”
  • April 14 – Lauren Stokes (Associate Professor of History, Northwestern University), “Harlem in Germany: Race, Migration and the American Analogy in the Federal Republic”

Fall 2022

  • September 14 – Caroline Jessen (Leibniz Institute for Jewish History & Culture) presented “Why Does It Matter Where Literary Texts Are Coming From? New Directions in Provenance Research in Literary Studies.”
  • October 7 – Jesse Spohnholz (professor of history, Washington State University) presented “A Reformation of Refugees: Dutch Protestant Escapees to the Holy Roman Empire, 1550–1600.”
  • November 8 – Amelia Glaser (professor and endowed chair in Judaic studies, UC San Diego) presented her translations of contemporary Ukrainian poetry.
  • November 9 – War in Ukraine, NATO, and the Future of Europe: A Conversation with Mikko Hautala, Ambassador of Finland to the United States, and Morgan Ortagus, former State Department spokesperson. Watch a recording of this event here.
  • November 10 – Jorge Pérez (Peter T. Flawn Centennial Professor at the University of Texas at Austin) presented “Insta-flix Celebrity and Fashion: A Brave New Convergent World?” as part of the ongoing Conversations in Film and Media lecture series.

Spring 2022

  • February 24 – Kristin Romberg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) presented “The Days of Soviet Propaganda” on Russian avant-garde art.
  • March 2 – Emily Levine (Stanford University), Allies and Rivals: German-American Exchange and the Rise of the Modern Research University (University of Chicago Press 2021). An interview with David Blackbourn.
  • April 4 – Katharina Pistor on inequality and the law. Co-sponspored by Vanderbilt Law School.
  • April 14 – Alexander Schmidt (DAAD Professor, Vanderbilt University), Friedrich Schiller’s Philosophical History.
  • June 8 – 9 – Ari Joskowicz, Kateřina Čapková, Martin Fotta, and Helena Sadílková facilitated and organized the workshop “Romani History – Methods, Sources, Ethics” presented by the Prague Forum for Romani Histories at the Institute of Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with Vanderbilt University, Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Seminar of Romani Studies at Charles University.