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Lijun Song


Office: 220 C Garland Hall
Phone: 615-322-1731

Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and the Center for Medicine, Health, and Society

Professor has an undergraduate and MA degree in sociology from Shandong University, and Ph.D in sociology from Duke University. She was awarded a Graduate Certificate in Educational Research and Policy from Duke University, which she completed in 2007.

Her research interests include social networks, social capital, social support, medical sociology, social stratification (gender, race, and class), life course and aging, marriage and family, and Chinese society. Her current research focuses on the structural sources and the health consequences of social capital, resources embedded in social networks, across societies.

Her publications include,

Song, Lijun. 2009. "The Effect of the Cultural Revolution on Educational Homogamy in Urban China." Social Forces 88(1): 257-70.

Song, Lijun and Nan Lin. 2009. "Social Capital and Health Inequality: Evidence from Taiwan." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 50(2): 149-63.

Song, Lijun. Forthcoming. "Does Your Well-Being Know Who You Know: The Effect of Social Capital on Life Satisfaction across Three Societies" in Social Capital: A Comparative Study, edited by Nan Lin, Yang-Chih Fu, and Chih-Jou Chen. Cambridge University Press.

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Lin, Nan, Yanlong Zhang, Wenhong Chen, Dan Ao, and Lijun Song. 2009.
"Recruiting and Deploying Social Capital in Organizations: Theory and Evidence." Pp. in 225-51 in Research in the Sociology of Work 18: Work and Organizations in China, edited by Lisa Keister. Emerald Press.

Nan, Lin, Dan Ao, and Lijun Song. 2009. "Production and Returns of Social Capital: Evidence from Urban China" in Contexts of Social Capital:Social Networks in Communities, Markets, and Organizations, edited by Ray-May Hsung, Nan Lin and Ronald Breiger. New York: Routledge, pp. 163-192.

Publications (in Chinese)

Lin, Juren, Peng Wang, and Lijun Song, co-translators. 2009. Randall Collins, Interaction Ritual Chains. Beijing: The Commercial Press.

Lin, Juren and Lijun Song. 2006. "The Social Mobility of the Inhabitants of Shandong Province" in Contemporary Social Development Studies, edited by Zhonghua He and Juren Lin. Jinan: Shandong People's Publishing House, pp. 145-166.

Lin, Juren and Lijun Song. 2004. "Women's Educational Status and Educated Opportunities" in Survey Research on Women's Social Status in Shandong: 1990-2000, edited by Yulan Zhao, Xingyu Ji, and Ping Zhuang. Beijing: Chinese Women Publishing House, pp. 123-163.

Ni, Anru and Lijun Song. 2003. "Gender Difference in Social Capital Attainment-A New Dimension to Interpret the Traditional Pattern of the Labor Division of Gender" in Women's Social Status in China at the Turn of the Century, edited by Jiang, Yongping. Beijing: Contemporary China Publishing House, pp. 410-421.

Song, Lijun. 2003. "The Field Investigation of Rustic Women in the Urban-Rural Co-Joint Areas--Underprivileged Groups' Acquisition of Economic Resources in Particular Geographic Context" Women's Academy at Shandong 2: 16-20.

Song, Lijun and Juren Lin. 2003. "Gender Difference on Occupational Status Attainment." Journal of Anhui Agricultural University (social science edition) 12 (2): 70-74.

Song, Lijun and Xue Xia. 2003. "Sex Inequality in Employment and Income" in Multiple Perspectives of Gender, edited by Juren Lin. Guangzhou: Yangcheng Evening Paper Publishing House, pp.149-176.