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ARTS 1101: Introduction to Studio Art
Processes, fundamental elements, and principles of art. Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, installation, and time-based art. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1102: Drawing and Composition I
Introduction to drawing: visual problems related to observation, idea formation, composition, media, and various forms of expression. Figure and landscape may be included. FALL, SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1103: Drawing From Life
Methods used to depict the form and structure of naturalistic subjects, including the human figure. Gesture, sighting & measuring, contour drawing, and value. Metaphorical and narrative use of life forms and the human figure in art. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1104: Intro to Lens-Based Art
Traditional and non-traditional uses of lens-based processes in art and science. Photography, cinematography, macro-vision, micro-vision, visualizing dreams, underwater photography, mapping, and augmented reality. Exploration of photographic representation, time, memory, archives, agency of images. Political and historical contexts. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 115F: First-Year Writing Seminar
Topics vary. FALL, SPRING. [3]

ARTS 1200: Photography I: The Analog Moment
Aesthetics and techniques of the black-and-white medium. Image taking, making, and production of meaning. Camera use, film exposure, image quality, and darkroom practices. Basic history of photography and grounding the ways of seeing. The eye as a viewfinder. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1201: Elusive Image: Between Analog and Digital Photography
Hybrid analog to digital class. Essential photography skills from camera obscura, analog and digital SLR, to portable device. Basic darkroom and digital workflow printing skills. Photographic obsolescence in the digital era and archeology of media. Historical and contemporary photography practices which define the condition of the medium. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1202: Photography in Digital Culture
Digital photography in today’s media landscape. Ubiquitous proliferation of images in public sphere. From image taking to active consuming of images. Digital software. Portfolio and photographic essay building. History of digital media, sequencing, editing, digital output, and social media platforms. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1300: Painting I
Technical and conceptual aspects of painting. Individual instruction based on ability and experience. Prerequisite: 1102. FALL, SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1400: Ceramics I
Introduction to ceramic design and preparation of clay objects. Handbuilding, wheel-throwing, surface enrichment, glazing, and kiln-firing. FALL, SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1401: Sculptural Ceramics
Expressive art forms in clay. Assembled components, surface enrichment, and firing techniques. FALL. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1500: Sculpture
Changing concepts, materials, and processes in sculpture. Individual instruction based on ability and experience. FALL. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1501: Assemblage
Additive processes in sculpture. Problems involving found objects, kinetic/time-based ideas, and site-specific installations. SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1502: Installation Art
Historical survey from 1900 to present; studio practice; formal and conceptual issues. SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1503: Text and Image
The intersection of art and writing. History, theory, and practice. Zines, posters, photography, new media, and artists’ books. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1504: Artists’ Books
Seminar with studio. History of the artist’s book in 20th century artistic movements. The book as an artifact of material culture. Production of experimental book forms including sculptural and time-based. Current uses of the book form as metaphor in contemporary art: Anselm Kiefer, Ann Hamilton, Kiki Smith, William Kentridge, Sophe Calle, Dieter Rot. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1505: Graphic Design
Introductory project-based course applying design principles, and visual translation: [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1600: Printmaking I: Relief and Intaglio
Introduction to printmaking media, including relief and etchings. Traditional and experimental approaches. Prerequisite: 1102. FALL. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1601: Printmaking I: Screen Printing and Lithography
Introduction to printmaking media, including screen printing and lithography. Traditional and experimental approaches. Prerequisite: 1102. SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1704: Digital Animation I
Animation with computers. Traditional and experimental animations; interactive Web-based projects. FALL. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1700: Video Art I
Video as an art form. Group and individual productions. Viewing and discussion. Project analysis and critique. Relationship to such traditional media as photography and film. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1701: Performance Art I
History, theory, and practice of performance. Vocal studies and conceptual music, personal narrative, performance as a response to the cult-of-celebrity, body art, and performance with new technologies. Collaborative and solo performance projects. FALL. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1702: Interactive Portable Media and Cellphone Art
Use of inexpensive media devices such as cell phones, music players, and other portable electronics to create campus-wide participatory events, including art projects, web interactive movements, unexpected musical environments, and grassroots media campaigns. Collaborative and solo projects. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1800: Sources of Contemporary Art
Contemporary studio art practice, issues, and theories. Visual and conceptual influences on living artists; idea formation. Students must participate in artist-in-residence projects. FALL. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1900: Social Collective Art Practice
History and practice of making art within the social collective experience. Small group projects based on everyday living in The Commons. No credit for students who have taken 115F section 1. FALL. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2100: Drawing and Composition II
Prerequisite: 1102. FALL, SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 3100: Drawing and Composition III
Prerequisite: 1102 and 2100. FALL, SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2101: Life Drawing I
Prerequisite: 1102. SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 3101: Life Drawing II
Prerequisite: 2101. SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2600: Printmaking II
Advanced study in traditional and experimental printmaking processes. Prerequisite: 1600 or 1601. FALL, SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 3600: Printmaking III
Advanced study in traditional and experimental printmaking processes. Prerequisite: 2600. FALL, SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2200: Photography II
Concepts and techniques of contemporary photographic practice; experimental projects and workshops using analog and digital media. Issues in contemporary art. Prerequisite: 1200, 1201, or 1202. SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 3200: Photography III
Personal projects and critiques. Interdisciplinary possibilities. Issues in contemporary art. Prerequisite: 2200 or 2202. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2202: Digital Imaging II
Creation of still, photo-based images using digital cameras, scanners, and Photoshop software. Issues that affect contemporary art. Prerequisite: 1202. FALL. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2300: Painting II
Prerequisite: 1300. FALL, SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 3300: Painting III
Prerequisite: 2300. FALL, SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2400: Ceramics II
Development of ceramic design, both traditional and contemporary, functional and sculptural. Projects develop technical and aesthetic goals. Instruction includes demonstrations, slide presentations, field trips, guest artists, reports. Demonstrations include advanced throwing, complex constructions, glaze development with applications, and kiln-firing. Prerequisite: 1400. SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2401: Concept and Clay: Composite Forms
Technical ability in handling clay and conceptual and interpretive elements in functional and/or sculptural forms. Individual solutions in form and surface. Prerequisite: 1400 or 1401. FALL. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2500: Sculpture II
Prerequisite: 1500. FALL, SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2704: Digital Animation II
Art made with the aid of computers. Digital imaging, manipulation, motion, and interactivity. Programs and processes vary. Prerequisite: 1202 or 1704. FALL. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2700: Video Art II
The viewing, discussion, analysis, and critiques. Relationship to photography, film, and performance. Group and individual productions. Prerequisite: 1700. SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2701: Performance Art II
History, theory, and practice. Vocal studies, conceptual music, personal narrative, performance as a response to the cult-of-celebrity, body art, and performance with new technologies. Collaborative and individual performance projects. Prerequisite: 1701.SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 2702: Interactive Portable Media and Cellphone Art II
Working with laptops and webcams, midi keyboards and digital music players, cell phones, video cameras, and other personal media devices to create art projects. Prerequisite: 1700, 1701, or 1702. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 1099: Maymester Contemporary Art Blitz
Intensive review of contemporary art through excursions to museums, galleries, and artists’ studios. Insights from curators, dealers, and films. Cities vary each year. May be repeated for credit. MAY. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 3891: Selected Topics
May be repeated with change of content up to a total of 9 hours. FALL, SPRING. [3] (HCA)

ARTS 3851: Independent Research
Supervised work in extension of regular offerings in the curriculum. Registration only with the agreement of instructor involved and with the written approval of the director of undergraduate studies. FALL, SPRING. [Variable credit: 1–3 per semester, not to exceed a total of 6] (No AXLE credit)

ARTS 3970: Directed Study: Senior Show and Contemporary Practices
Theoretical and practical concerns including professional practices for artists. Students visit exhibitions and discuss contemporary art with directed readings and lectures, participate in critiques, and exhibit their work. Seniors with a concentration in art only. FALL. [3] (HCA)