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Who should major (or minor) in American studies?

American studies is for students who want to think expansively and critically about American culture and who want the flexibility to shape their own education. American studies majors are both independent and imaginative; they are willing to think outside of traditional disciplines and to seek out knowledge in a variety of settings.

What courses would you recommend to a student interested in American studies?

We encourage students to enter the major through several avenues: a first-year seminar, our introductory course to the major, AMER 1002/1002W, or an introductory course in a particular discipline or program. While we do not require a set path into the major, up to six hours of introductory courses can count toward the major.

How do I declare a major in American Studies?

Read about how to declare your major or minor.

Once I declare a major, what courses do I take?

Having declared a major or minor, you should work closely with your adviser to develop a coherent plan of study. We encourage you to concentrate on a theme or topic of special interest, either by choosing courses with a topical coherence each semester or by choosing a single topic around which to focus your major.

We also highly encourage our majors to seek opportunities for study abroad or internship possibilities. Students should plan on taking the American Studies Workshop during their junior year and the capstone course during their senior year. Distributional requirements and electives should be decided in conjunction with the student’s adviser.

What kind of careers do American studies students pursue?

Take a look at the wide variety career opportunities available to you as an American studies major or minor.