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Battlefield Rescue: US Army Medevac

Posted by on Thursday, November 11, 2021 in News.

The Vanderbilt Television News Archive (VTNA) is coordinating a special event in celebration of Veterans Day 2019 (November 11th) by bringing to campus the acclaimed journalist Morton Dean and screen his documentary “American Medevac.”

Dean was a CBS News correspondent for 20 years and an ABC News correspondent for 14 years. He was appointed to federal Vietnam War Commemoration Commission. He is a national Emmy Award nominee for coverage of battles in Kosovo and he was the first network TV correspondent to report from Kuwait City while still under Iraqi Occupation.

The documentary “American Medevac” follows Dean’s efforts to reunite Vietnam War MEDEVAC pilots and crew with soldiers they rescued on a mission Dean flew along in 1971 as a CBS News correspondent. This 56-minute documentary covers topics of history (Vietnam War), medicine (medevac flights) psychological issues (PTSD), and journalism (reporting from a war zone). Movie Preview:

The movie screening will begin at 5:00pm on November 11 in the Community Room of Central Library.