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The Interdisciplinary Major in Gender and Sexuality Studies consists of 30 hours of course work, distributed as follows:

  • GSS 1150: Sex and Gender in Everyday Life (2+ sections offered every semester, 1 of which is a W class) OR GSS 1160: Sex and Society (2+ sections offered every semester, one of which is a W course)
  • 1 course approved for the International/Global Feminism Requirement
  • 1 course approved for the History/Social Movements Requirement
  • 1 course approved for the Sex, Sexuality, and Society Requirement
  • 5 courses approved for Gender and Sexuality Studies electives. Please note that elective hours may be earned through any department at Vanderbilt, provided that the course has a gender component. 
  • GSS 4960: Senior Seminar (spring semester only; topic varies)

Courses approved for each requirement can be found here.

A thesis option is available for Honors students.