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Issam Eido Issam Eido

Assistant Professor of the Practice
301C Garland Hall
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Religious Studies, Arabic Studies, and Islamic Studies


Bushra Hamad  Bushra Hamad  

  Senior Lecturer
  301E Garland Hall




Rachel Heath    Rachel A. Heath  

  Visiting Lecturer





Ira Helderman  Ira Helderman  

  Visiting Assistant Professor





Richard McGregor Richard McGregor

Associate Professor  
307 Garland Hall 




  Adeana McNicholl  Adeana McNicholl  

  Assistant Professor
  301D Garland Hall


Laurel SchneiderLaurel Schneider

301G Garland Hall 
Department Chair




Teresa Smallwood  Teresa Smallwood  

  Visiting Assistant Professor





Anand Taneja  Anand Taneja  

  Assistant Professor
  301B Garland Hall



Juan Floyd Thomas  Juan Floyd Thomas  

 Associate Professor
 Vanderbilt Divinity School




Emeritus Professors

Lewis Baldwin
P: 615-646-6524

Volney Gay
P: 615-305-5025

Daniel Patte
P: 615-269-0954

Tony K. Stewart 
P: 615-322-4885


Affiliated Faculty Members

Philip I. Ackerman-Lieberman: Associate Professor, Jewish Studies and Law, 148 Buttrick Hall, 343-2098

Clifford Anderson : Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning, 213 Law Library, 322-6938

Victor Anderson: Professor, Graduate Department of Religion, 238 Divinity Building, 343-3973 

Annalisa Azzoni: Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Bible, 211 Divinity Building, 343-3972

Sophie Bjork-James: Assistant Professor of the Practice, Anthropology, 112A Garland Hall, 875-8331

Robert "Rob" Campany Professor, Asian Studies, 260 Buttrick Hall, 343-1683

Larry Churchill: Professor, Department of Medicine, 2525 West End Avenue, 4th Flr, Suite 400, 936-2686

Juan Floyd-Thomas: Associate Professor, Divinity School, 217 Divinity Building, 322-2619

Lenn E. Goodman: Professor, Department of Philosophy, 025 Furman Hall, 343-3158

Paul Lim: Associate Professor, Divinity School, 220 Divinity Building, 343-3975

David Price: Professor, Jewish Studies, 220H Garland Hall, 875-8445