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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the key transformative technologies of the coming century. Its impact on core economic and societal domains is growing rapidly with each passing year: from the digital realm to transportation, from energy to medicine, from scientific research to the arts and humanities.

Our focus is on the applications and implications of AI across the disciplines and society, from novel research techniques to the ethical and cultural impacts of AI. Vanderbilt houses scholars from a broad range of fields that develop AI tools, use AI techniques, or study the broader societal and human implications of AI as it comes to permeate the modern world. We aim to unite this diverse array of scholars, charting the contours of this emerging techno-social landscape, and bringing the tools and methods of the social sciences and humanities into fruitful dialogue with the scientific and engineering fields through which AI is being created and applied.

Our initiative is part of the College of Arts and Science Grand Challenge Initiative, in which leading faculty are addressing some of the most challenging topics facing the world today. We support diverse activities, including a seminar series, guest speakers, undergraduate and graduate courses and workshops, collaborative grant writing, and outreach.