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Current Courses

The following courses may be used to fulfill requirements of the major in European Studies.





2208, Conspiracy Theories and Rumors in European and US History

2220, Religion and Politics in Modern Europe, 1648–Present

2240, Topics in European Studies

2260, European Cities

2214, Great Books of Western Intellectual Traditions: Renaissance and Modernity

2800, Pursuing Utopia: Social Justice & Romanticism in the Alps



3371, Social and Health Consequences of Pandemics



3120, Humor, Ancient to Modern



3600, The Rhetorical Tradition



3160, Economic History of Europe

3600, International Trade

3610, International Finance



1111, First-Year Writing Seminar (with appropriate topic)

2310, British Writers to 1660

2311, British Writers 1660–Present

3310, Anglo-Saxon Language and Literature

3314, Chaucer

3316, Medieval Literature

3330, Sixteenth Century

3332, English Renaissance: The Drama

3335W, English Renaissance Poetry

3336, Shakespeare: Comedy and Histories

3337, Shakespeare: Tragedy and Romance

3340, Shakespeare: Representative Selections

3340W, Shakespeare: Representative Selections

3346, Seventeenth-Century Literature

3348, Milton

3360, Restoration and the Eighteenth Century Early

3361, Restoration and Eighteenth Century Late

3364, The Eighteenth-Century English Novel

3370, The Bible in Literature

3610, The Romantic Period

3611, The Romantic Period

3614, The Victorian Period

3618, The Nineteenth-Century English Novel

3630, The Modern British Novel

3634, Modern Irish Literature

3640, Modern British and American Poetry: Yeats to Auden

3681, Twentieth-Century British and World Drama

3683, Contemporary British Literature

3740, Critical Theory

3890, Movements in Literature (with appropriate topic)

3890W, Movements In Literature (with appropriate topic)

3892, Problems in Literature (with appropriate topic)

3892W, Problems in Literature (with appropriate topic)

3894, Major Figures in Literature (with appropriate topic)

3894W, Major Figures In Literature (with appropriate topic)

3898, Special Topics in English and American Literature (with appropriate topic)

3898W, Special Topics In English and American Literature (with appropriate topic)



2501W, French Composition and Grammar

2614, Advanced Conversational French

2891, Cross Cultural Communication

3101, Texts and Contexts: Middle Ages to the Enlightenment

3102, Texts and Contexts: Revolution to the Present

3111, French for Business

3112, Medical French in Intercultural Contexts

3113, Advanced French Grammar

3180, La Provence

3181, Contemporary France

3188, The Contemporary Press and Media

3222, The Early Modern Novel

3223, The Querelles des femmes

3224, Medieval French Literature

3230, French and Francophone Cinema

3281, Provence and the French Novel

3286, Cultural Study Tour

3620, Age of Louis XIV

3621, Enlightenment and Revolution

3622, From Romanticism to Symbolism

3623, The Twentieth-Century Novel

4025, From Carnival to the “Carnivalesque”

4027, Emile Zola: From Naturalist Novels to Social Activism

4029, Twentieth-Century French Literature

4030, French and Italian Avant-garde

4221, Literature of the Fantastic

4232, Literature and Law

4284, Art and Literature of the Nineteenth Century

4285, Art and Literature of the Twentieth Century

4320, French Feminist Thought: Literary and Critical

4322, Adultery and Transgressions in Literature

4430, Jews & Arab-Muslims in France

4432, French Intellectual History



1111, First-Year Writing Seminar

1482, Borders and Crossings: German Literature and Culture from Romanticism to the Present

2310W, Introduction to German Studies

2320, Conversation and Composition: Current Events

2321, Conversation and Composition: Contemporary Culture

2341, German Culture and Literature

2342, German Culture and Literature

2441, Great German Works in English

2442, War on Screen

2443, German Cinema: Vampires, Victims, and Vamps

2444, German Fairy Tales from Brothers Grimm to Walt Disney

2445, Nazi Cinema: The Manipulation of Mass Culture

2552, Topics: 18th and 19th Century Culture and Literature

2553, Topics: 20th and 21st Century Culture and Literature

2554, Topics in Visual Culture and Media

3323, From Language to Literature

3343, The Aesthetics of Violence: Terror, Crime, and Dread in German Literature

3344, Women at the Margins: German-Jewish Women Writers

3345, Love and Friendship

3375, Art and Rebellion: Literary Experiment in the 1960s and 1970s

3378, Dreams in Literature

4458, Business German

4535, German Romanticism

4537, Women and Modernity

4548, German Lyric Poetry—Form and Function

4563, The Age of Goethe-Weimar 1775 to 1805

4564, Pleasures and Perils in Nineteenth-Century Theatre

4565, Revolutionizing Twentieth-Century Theatre

4566, Nineteenth-Century Prose

4567, The German Novel from Kafka to Grass

4569, Writing under Censorship

4574, Who Am I? German Autobiographies

4576, Tales of Travel in Modern German Culture



1100, History of Western Art I

1110, History of Western Art II

1111, First-Year Writing Seminar (with appropriate topic)

1500W, Impressionism

2220, Greek Art and Architecture

2270, Early Christian and Byzantine Art

2285, Medieval Art

2310, Italian Art to 1500

2320W, The Italian Renaissance Workshop

2325, Great Masters of the Italian Renaissance

2330, Italian Renaissance Art after 1500

2360, Northern Renaissance Art

2362, Fifteenth-Century Northern European Art

2390, Seventeenth-Century Art

2600, Eighteenth-Century Art

2620, Nineteenth-Century European Art

2622, Neoclassicism and Romanticism

2650, Nineteenth-Century Architecture: Theory and Practice

2652, French Art in the Age of Impressionism

2680, British Art: Tudor to Victorian

2708, Twentieth-Century British Art

2710, Twentieth-Century European Art

2720, Modern Architecture

2722, Modern Art and Architecture in Paris

3224, Greek Sculpture

3226, Greek Vases and Society

3228W, Gender and Sexuality in Greek Art

3274, Art and Empire from Constantine to Justinian

3320, Early Renaissance Florence

3320W, Early Renaissance Florence

3332, Raphael and the Renaissance

3334, Michelangelo’s Life and Works

3334W, Michelangelo’s Life and Works

3364W, The Court of Burgundy

3366, 16th-Century Northern European Art

3605W, French Art in the Age of Louis XV: From Rococo to Neoclassicism

3790, Monumental Landscapes of Provence



1111-08, European Imperialism: Colonizer and Colonized in the Modern World

1350, Western Civilization to 1700

1360, Western Civilization since 1700

1390, America to 1776: Discovery to Revolution

1480, The Darwinian Revolution

1500, History of Modern Sciences and Society

1510, The Scientific Revolution

1580, Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Europe 1400–1800 CE

1584W, Foreigners and Citizens: Law and Rights in Modern Europe

1600, European Economic History, 1000–1700

1700, Western Military History to 1815

1730, The US and the Cold War

1760, History of Christian Traditions

2130, Russia: Old Regime to Revolution

2135, Russia: The USSR and Afterward

2220, Medieval and Renaissance Italy, 1000–1700

2230, Medieval Europe, 1000–1350

2250, Reformation Europe

2260, Revolutionary Europe, 1789–1815

2270, Nineteenth-Century Europe

2280, Europe, 1900–1945

2290, Europe since 1945

2293, Muslims in Modern Europe

2295, The Migrant Crisis in the Netherlands

2300, Twentieth-Century Germany

2310, France: Renaissance to Revolution

2340, Modern France

2380, Shakespeare’s Histories and History

2382, The Rise of the Tudors

2383, A Monarchy Dissolved? From Good Queen Bess to the English Civil War

2385, The Real Tudors

3290, Nazism, Genocide, and the Law

2410, Victorian England

2450, Reform, Crisis, and Independence in Latin America, 1700–1820

2595W, The English Atlantic World, 1500-1688

2720, World War II

2800, Modern Medicine

2835, Sexuality and Gender in the Western A&S Tradition to 1700

2840, Sexuality and Gender in the Western Tradition since 1700

3010, Pornography and Prostitution in History

3120, Weimar Germany: Modernism and Modernity, 1918–1933

3150, Cities of Europe and the Middle East

3180, Making of Modern Paris

3230, The Art of Empire

3260, Revolutionary England, 1603–1710

3270, Religion and the Occult in Early Modern Europe

3275, Religion and Popular Culture in Nineteenth-Century Europe



1111-01, First-Year Writing Seminar: Italian History and Culture Through Cinema

2203, Italian Journeys

2501W, Grammar and Composition

2614, Conversation

3000, Introduction to Italian Literature

3041, Italian Civilization

3100, Literature from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

3240, Dante’s Divine Comedy

3242, Dante in Historical Context

3340, Famous Women by Boccaccio

3500, Baroque, Illuminismo, and Romanticism in Italy

3600, Twentieth-Century Literature: Beauty and Chaos

3640, Classic Italian Cinema

3641, Contemporary Italian Cinema

3642, Italian Visual Culture

3701, City Fictions

3702, Topics in Contemporary Italian Civilization

3802, Contemporary Italian Society and Culture



1002, Introduction to Jewish Studies

1002W, Introduction to Jewish Studies

1200, Classical Judaism: Jews in Antiquity

1220, Jews in the Medieval World

1240, Perspectives in Modern Jewish History

2250, Witnesses Who Were Not There: Literature of the Children of Holocaust Survivors

2250W, Witnesses Who Were Not There: Literature of the Children of Holocaust Survivors

2270, Jewish Storytelling

2270W, Jewish Storytelling

2320, Freud and Jewish Identity

2340, Jewish Philosophy after Auschwitz

2450, The Jewish Diaspora

2640, Jews and Greeks

3100, The Holocaust

2210W, Hebrew Literature in Translation



1220, The Symphony

1230, Survey of Choral Music

2200W, Music in Western Culture

3220, Opera in the 17th and 18th Centuries

3221, Opera in the 19th Century

3222, Mahler Symphonies: Songs of Irony

3223, Music in the Age of Beethoven and Schubert

3224, Haydn and Mozart

3225, Brahms and the Anxiety of Influence

3227, Music in the Age of Revolution, 1789–1848

3228, J S Bach: Learned Musician and Virtual Traveler

3229, Robert Schumann and the Romantic Sensibility

3230, Music and the Construction of National Identity

3890, Selected Topics in Music History (with appropriate topic)



1111, First-Year Writing Seminar (with appropriate topic)

1200, The Meaning of Life

1200W, The Meaning of Life

2102, Medieval Philosophy

2103, Modern Philosophy

2104 Nineteenth-Century Philosophy

2109, Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy

2110, Contemporary Philosophy

2660, Philosophy of Music

3005, Jewish Philosophy

3007, French Feminism

3009, Existential Philosophy

3010, Phenomenology

3011, Critical Theory

3013, History of Aesthetics

3014, Modernistic Aesthetics

3103, Immanuel Kant

3104, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche

3105, Hegel

3602, Philosophy of History

3620, Political and Social Philosophy

3621, Early Modern Political Philosophy

3622, Contemporary Political Philosophy

3623, Modern Philosophies of Law



1101, Introduction to Comparative Politics

1102, Introduction to International Politics

1103, Justice

2202, Ancient Political Thought

2203, History of Modern Political Philosophy

2210, West European Politics

2220, Crisis Diplomacy

2221, Causes of War

2223, European Political Economy and Economic Institutions

2225, International Political Economy

2226, International Law and Organization

2274, Nature of War

3211, The European Union

4238, Comparative Political Parties



2203, Intermediate Portuguese

3301, Portuguese Composition and Conversation

3892, Special Topics in Portuguese Language, Literature, or Civilization (with appropriate topic)



1111, First-Year Writing Seminar (with appropriate topic)

1820, Religion, Sexuality, Power

2210W, Constructions of Jewish Identity in the Modern World

2940, Great Books of Literature and Religion

3229, The Holocaust: Its Meanings and Implications

3316, Christianity in the Reformation Era

3940, The Nature of Evil

3941, Religion, Science, and Evolution

4834, Post-Freudian Theories and Religion

4835, Freudian Theories and Religion

4836, The Religious Self according to Jung



1111, First-Year Writing Seminar

1874, Russian Fairy Tales

1910W, 19th Century Russian Literature

1911W, 20th Century Russian Literature

2210, Russia Today: Politics, Economics, and Culture

2230, Russia at War

2273, Russian Science Fiction

2310, Survey of Russian Literature in English Translation

2311, Survey of Russian Literature in English Translation

2434, The Russian Cinema

2435, Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina and Other Masterpieces

2436, Tolstoy’s War and Peace

2438, Dostoevsky’s Major Novels: Philosophy and Aesthetics

2537, Vladimir Nabokov

2639, The Story of Siberia

2745, Art After Zero: The Russian Avant-Garde

2800, Viewing Communism in Eastern Europe



3851, Independent Research and Writing (with appropriate topic)

4961, Seminars in Selected Topics (with appropriate topic)



1111-03, First-Year Writing Seminar: Travel Matters

2990, Images of the Feminine in Spanish Cinema

3301W, Intermediate Spanish Writing

3302, Spanish for Oral Communication through Cultural Topics

3325, The Way of Saint James

3340, Advanced Conversation

3345, Spanish for Business and Economics

3355, Advanced Conversation through Cultural Issues in Film

3360, Spanish Civilization

3365, Film and Recent Cultural Trends in Spain

4340, History of the Spanish Language

4345, The Languages of Spain

4400, The Origins of Spanish Literature

4405, Literature of the Spanish Golden Age

4410, Spanish Literature from the Enlightenment to 1900

4415, Spanish Literature from 1900 to the Present

4440, Development of the Short Story

4445, Development of the Novel

4450, The Contemporary Novel

4455, Development of Drama

4465, Theory and Practice of Drama

4470, Development of Lyric Poetry

4475, Contemporary Lyric Poetry

4620, Love and Honor in Medieval and Golden Age Literature

4640, Don Quixote

4670, Spanish Realism

4690, Alterity and Migration in Spain



1272, Feminism and Film