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Looking for the office hours of CMST faculty? Click here.

Vanessa B. Beasley
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Office: Kirkland Hall

Jeffrey A. Bennett
Professor & Chair

Office: 220J Edgehill (1801 Edgehill Ave)

Neil S. Butt
Senior Lecturer & On-Campus Debate Initiatives

Office: 220E Edgehill (1801 Edgehill Ave)

Bonnie J. Dow
Professor & Dean of Academic Affairs

Office: 404L Buttrick Hall

Claire Sisco King
Associate Professor

Office: 220L Edgehill (1801 Edgehill Ave)

Bohyeong Kim
Assistant Professor

Office: Office: 220E Edgehill (1801 Edgehill Ave)

John P. Koch
Senior Lecturer & Director of Debate

Office: 220C Edgehill (1801 Edgehill Ave)

M.L. Sandoz
Principal Senior Lecturer & Director of Forensics

Office: 220F Edgehill (1801 Edgehill Ave)

John M. Sloop

Office: 411C Kirkland Hall

Paul Stob

Office: 220N Edgehill (1801 Edgehill Ave)

Angela Sutton
Research Assistant Professor & Assistant Director of the Mellon Partners for Humanities Education Program

Courtney Caudle Travers
Senior Lecturer & Director of Internships

Office: 220H Edgehill (1801 Edgehill Ave)

Isaac West
Associate Professor

Office: 200M Edgehill (1801 Edgehill Ave)

Dustin A. Wood
Senior Lecturer & Director of Lambda Pi Eta

Office: 220D Edgehill (1801 Edgehill Ave)