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Maymester Modules

CMAP’s two required Maymester modules are each offered in alternating years.

  • CMAP 8010: Creative Media Practice. Designed both to foster graduate students’ skills in various areas of digital media practice and to help doctoral candidates to develop creative solutions to present research projects in their fields of specialization and matters of public concern. During the first week of this course, students will expand their proficiency in digital sound and image manipulation, the design of websites and mobile apps, as well as the development of basic video games and 3D and virtual reality presentation formats. Meeting twice daily in 2-hour sessions, Vanderbilt faculty and staff experts, will expose students to different software and hardware options in these areas and deepen their knowledge of creative digital practice necessary to develop more complex hybrid media products. During the next two weeks of the course, students will apply these skills to develop two individual or collaborative projects under the daily supervision of a creative media artist and practitioner. Takes place during Vanderbilt’s Maymester. (May 2017, May 2019)
  • CMAP 8011: Working with Data. Designed to familiarize students with basic knowledge about existing software strategies and hardware options, and to foster critical openness toward emerging technologies and techniques. Includes workshops and collaborative project-oriented work on Fundamentals of Digitization; Understanding Databases; Text and Data Mining Strategies; Understanding Topic Modeling; Fundamentals of Medical Imaging Techniques and Technologies; Introduction to Geographical Information and Mapping Systems; Basics Concepts of Statistics; Copyright Law in the Digital Age. Takes place during Vanderbilt’s Maymester. (May 2018, May 2020)