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The CMAP program enhances the preparedness of Ph.D. students with diverse backgrounds for academic or non-academic careers alike. Students completing the program will receive degrees such as “Ph.D. in Anthropology and Comparative Media Analysis and Practice” or “Ph.D. in English and Comparative Media Analysis and Practice.” 

About the Program

CMAP’s central aim is to support research, skill-building, professionalization, and mentoring within and across existing disciplines, departments, and centers while having students maintain their links to their respective home departments. Each year CMAP admits six graduate students from different fields of specialization to the program. They participate in seminars, workshops, and research projects as a cohort. Students take 18-20 credit hours of course work in four consecutive seminars and two Maymester courses. In order to meet the demands of additional course work, knowledge and skill acquisition, internships, and research activities, CMAP students will be eligible to apply for one year of graduate funding in addition to the five years of support they typically receive from their home departments at Vanderbilt.

How to Apply

CMAP is currently not accepting applications for the program. Please check back for future availability.