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Director of Undergraduate Studies and
Director of Honors and Independent Research

Allisa HareAlissa Hare, Ph.D. 
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Office: 7935A Stevenson Center
Phone: 615.875.9136



BCB Program Director

Lauren JacksonLauren Jackson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences & Biochemistry
Office: U5231A MRB III
Phone: 615.875-0745 



Advisory Board

Brandt Eichman (Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences)
John McLean (Professor and Chair of Chemistry)
David W. Wright (Professor of Chemistry)
Lawrence J. Marnett (Professor of Chemistry)
Lauren Parker Jackson (Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences)
Cynthia T. Brame (Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences)
John York (Professor and Chair of Biochemistry)
Bruce M. Damon (Associate Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences)

Who to contact?

For questions about courses, program requirements, and major declaration, please contact