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Gender and Environment

2008 GFC Workshop: Social, Environmental and Gender Justice: Perspectives from and for Global Feminisms

On April 24-26 the Global Feminisms Collaborative (GFC) hosted six feminists for an in depth discussion on the connections between social, environmental and gender injustice. The purpose of holding the workshop is to create an opportunity for these local and global feminist activists to have an intensive and sustained conversation on the important issues confronting feminists working on the environment today. The agenda has been organized around key questions and participants have been invited to share their own expectations and wishes for the meeting. How do we bring feminist expertise and knowledge into contemporary environmental activism? How do we educate donors about what this would mean? What research agenda could academics pursue that would support this work? The workshop received generous sponsorship from the 'Center for Ethics', the 'Center for the Study of Religion and Culture' and the 'Commons' at Vanderbilt University. A full list of co-sponsors can be found here.  

Our conversation began with a lecture by Srilatha Batliwala entitled
"Environmental and Gender Justice - linked paths to social justice." 

The powerpoint of her talk can be downloaded at the following

Then for two days we met to discuss
questions proposed by the participants.

The sessions were recorded by a graphic recorder, Julie Stuart. Her visual recordings are reproduced below. 

Academic and Policy Papers on Gender and Environmental Justice

The resources below include 1) nine factsheets on gender and environmental issues which were shared by Lorena Aguilar who is the Senior Genior Advisor at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature  2) Articles written by the workshop participants 3) Work that is interesting in light of the discussions that we had during the course of the workshop.

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Bibliographies on Gender and Environmental Justice

Bibliography on Gender, Religion and the Environment
Compiled by Sonalini Sapra, Vanderbilt University
Women and the Environment
Compiled by Jody Ranck, December 1996
Ecofeminist Theory
Compiled by Timothy Weiskel
Gender Justice and Environmental Change
Compiled by Michigan State University

Upcoming workshops/conferences on Gender and Environmental Concerns  

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