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Fall 2022 Courses

AADS 1010
Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies

  • Taught by Claudine Taaffe
  • Foundations of African American culture from ancient African history and through contemporary issues in the African American experience and the larger diaspora. The characteristics, developments, and dynamics of diaspora culture in the Americas, with a particular focus on the United States.
  • Fulfills AXLE: Perspectives
  • Eligible for American Studies Major and for Latino/Latina Studies


AADS 1180
Making of the African Diaspora

  • Taught by Tiffany Ruby Patterson
  • 1790 to the mid-twentieth century. Slave politics and abolition, the meaning of freedom after emancipation, and black workers' struggle for democracy and citizenship. Resistance to empire and colonialism. Migration, race and color ideology, religion, and culture.
  • Fulfills AXLE: Perspectives 


AADS 1506
Reel to Real: Film Aesthetics and Representation

  • Taught by Alice Randall
  • Oppositional cinematic practices of black filmmakers. Hollywood representations of blacks. The theoretical language of film criticism, styles, genres, periods.
  • Fulfills AXLE: Perspectives
  • Eligible for Cinema & Media Arts


AADS 3006
James Baldwin: Five Ways of Looking at His Life

  • Taught by Gilman Whiting and Michael Dyson
  • The author through literature, art, film, politics, and place. Five places critical in his artistic evolution: Harlem and Greenwich Village, New York; Paris and St. Paul-de-Vence, France; and Turkey. Film recreations of his life and writings.
  • Fulfills AXLE: International Cultures 


AADS 3104W
Soul Food as Text in Text: An Examination of African American Foodways

  • Taught by Alice Randall
  • Distinctions between Southern food and soul food. Soul food as performance and projection of gender and racial identity. Cookbooks as literary artifacts. Soul food in American popular culture, and in African American, Southern, and women's writing. Soul food and community formation.
  • Fulfills AXLE: 2000-level and above W course and AXLE: Humanities and the Creative Arts 


AADS 3214
Black Masculinity: Social Imagery and Public Policy

  • Taught by David Ikard
  • Historical and contemporary debates, perceptions, and attitudes. Public policy debates surrounding disparate incarceration rates and sentencing, policing, racial profiling. Social imagery, "down low" homosexuality, criminality, hypersexuality, and athleticism.
  • Fulfills AXLE: Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Eligible for American Studies Major and for Gender and Sexuality Studies 


AADS 3556
The Political Economy of Racism: Erasures, Slavery, Eviction, and Fables of Whiteness

  • Taught by David Ikard
  • Decoding racism in US legislation, novels, historical and political texts, sociological studies, and films.
  • Fulfills AXLE: History and Culture of the United States 


AADS 4228W
Black Girlhood: History, Performance and Counter-Narratives

  • Taught by Claudine Taaffe
  • Historical and current social, political, and cultural constructions of black girlhood in the United States. Performances in which black girls engage to deconstruct and interrupt these constructions via scholarly works, poetry, film, photography, and novels.
  • Fulfills AXLE: 2000-level and above W course and AXLE: Social and Behavioral Sciences 


AADS 4851
Special Topics in Humanities – From Dr. King to Lil Wayne

  • Taught by Michael Dyson and Gilman Whiting
  • Will explore central themes of Black existence by wrestling with the possibilities, conflicts and contradictions of popular articulations of Black identity glimpsed in iconic figures. Course will feature in-person and virtual visits by figures like Nas, Al Sharpton, Common, Joy Ann Reid, William Barber, Ben Crump, and many more.
  • Fulfills AXLE: Humanities and the Creative Arts


AADS 4852
Special Topics in Social Sciences – Medical Apartheid: Race, Class, and Gender

  • Taught by Tracy Sharpley-Whiting
  • Medical Apartheid: Race, Class, and Gender Examines the history of slavery and the evolution of the fields of gynecology and obstetrics and enslaved black women's agency; disparities in maternal health and maternal mortality rates, social determinants of health, structural racism, and risk factors are also explored along with scientific racism and issues of consent, and implicit bias in medical education and among practitioners.
  • Fulfills AXLE: Social and Behavioral Sciences