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European Studies

photo photo photo photo London, 1940 1815 Gothic Cathedral with Imperial Palace Volkertafel 1725

The Max Kade Center for European Studies has a rich tradition of offering undergraduates major and minor options in the study of European affairs. The European Studies major (EUS) was designed for students who want to broaden their awareness of Europe and to prepare for international careers or advanced study.  In 2006, on its 25th anniversary as an academic unit, the Center for European Studies was renamed the Max Kade Center for European and German Studies and was expanded to include a central focus on the role of Germany within its European and transatlantic contexts with the aid of a major grant from the Max Kade Foundation in New York.

European Studies Maymester in Vienna 2014: Unhurried time travelers















EUS 260:Maymester students explore the origins of Modernism in Vienna

A report from the INTERNATIONAL SUMMER  SCHOOL on EQUALITY in Utrecht in July 2014
photoThree EUS students participated in the International Summer School on Equality in Utrecht in July 2014. This was the second in a series of three summer schools on the themes of the French Revolution (liberty, equality, fraternity). This project is a joint initiative of the Utrecht Network, coordinated by Utrecht University in Utrecht, The Netherlands, under project coordinator Gerrit Dielissen, a former visiting professor at the Max Kade Center. The summer school is multinational and interdisciplinary in character. It consists of interactive lectures, student-led workshops, study visits, and dialogues with local actors. The school offers tuition, accommodation and full board, course materials and excursions. For more information about the program, including the 2015 summer school on Fraternity, watch this site EUS students are encouraged to apply! Read about Sahil Thiruvengadam's experience here .

                                                   Recent Faculty Publications

Joy Calico

Arnold Schoenberg's
"A Survivor from Warsaw in Postwar Europe"
[University of California Press]
 M.Donald Hancock



Politics in Europe

6th Edition
[CQ Press]
Ari Joskowicz



The Modernity of Others:
Ant-Catholicism in Germany and France
[Stanford University Press]







photo The Max Kade Center is an institutional member of the Council for European Studies

Fall 2014 Events - September

Tuesday 23 September
"Max Weber Worldwide: The Reception of a Classic in Times of Radical Change"
Edith Hanke, Max Weber Edition
Co-sponsors: The Department of Germanic &Slavic Languages and the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities
6:00 p.m. 206 Buttrick Hall

Thursday 25 September
"Waging War through Images: Drones' Precarious Visions"
Svea Braeunert, University of Potsdam
7:00 p.m. 206 Buttrick Hall