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The minor in Women’s and Gender Studies consists of 18 hours of course work, distributed as follows:

  1. WGS 1150 or 1150W Sex and Gender in Everyday Life or WGS 1160 Sex and Society.
  2. WGS 3201 Women and Gender in Transnational Context.
  3. Either 3246W Women’s Rights, Women’s Wrongs or 3250W Contemporary Women’s Movements.
  4. WGS 4960 Senior Seminar, to be taken in spring semester of the student’s final year.
  5. At least 6 hours of courses selected from Women’s and Gender Studies Program courses, any courses dual-listed in Women’s and Gender Studies, or any other course that meets the approval of the director, not used to satisfy the above requirements.

Download the “Declaring a Minor” form.

Download the application for an independent study course.