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Honors program

The Honors Program in Women’s and Gender Studies requires 36 hours of course work and is designed to afford exceptional students the opportunity to undertake independent research on a topic in feminist and gender scholarship. This is done in consultation with faculty members.

The program is open to all WGS majors with junior standing who have completed at least 21 credit hours of the major and who have earned a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and a 3.3 grade point average in Women’s and Gender Studies courses. Students must be approved for acceptance into the Honors Program by the program director and must:

  1. Complete 36 hours of course work.
  2. Complete the required courses for the major.
  3. Submit for approval a short description of the proposed project to the director of Women’s and Gender Studies by the spring semester of the junior year.
  4. Complete 6 hours of independent research, WGS 4998 and 4999 (Honors Research and Project), typically during the senior year.
  5. Undertake an Honors Project to be completed in the spring of the senior year.
  6. Pass an oral examination on the topic of the Project.