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Current Undergraduate Courses


Women’s and Gender’s Studies Spring 2019 Course Schedule

Course Number Course Title CreditsDay/TimeInstructor
WGS 1150.01Sex and Gender in Everyday Life 3MWF 10:10-11:00Kristen Navarro
WGS 1150.02Sex and Gender in Everyday Life 3MWF 11:10-12:00Kristen Navarro
WGS 1160.01Sex and Society3TR 9:35-10:50K. Allison Hammer
WGS 1160.02Sex and Society3TR 11:00-12:15K. Allison Hammer
WGS 2244.01The Body, Culture, and Feminism3TR 9:35-10:50Rebecca J. Epstein-Levi
WGS 2249.01Women and Humor in the Age of Television3MW 2:35-3:50Kristen Navarro
WGS 3030.01Feminist Disability Studies3MW 11:00-12:15Stacy Simplican
WGS 3281.01Globalization and Policy-Making 3MWF 1:10-2:00 Danyelle Valentine
WGS 3850.02Independent Study 1-3 TBAElizabeth Covington
WGS 3850.05Independent Study1-3TBAStacy Simplican
WGS 3880.01 Internship Training1-9TBAElizabeth Covington
WGS 3882.01 Internship Readings 1-3TBAElizabeth Covington
WGS 3883.01Internship Research 1-3TBAElizabeth Covington
WGS 3891.01Special Topics: Topics in Gender, Culture, and Representation - Sex/Violence/Scandal Colon Era3MWF 2:10-3:00Danyelle Valentine
WGS 4960.01Senior Seminar3 W 3:10-6:00Elizabeth Covington
WGS 4970.01Sexing the Archive: Research Methods in Women's and Gender Studies3W 3:10-5:40K. Allison Hammer
WGS 4998.01Honors Research3-6TBAStaff
WGS 4999.01Honors Thesis 3-6TBAElizabeth Covington
WGS 8302.01Gender and Pedagogy1-4M 3:10-6:00Stacy Simplican
WGS 8989.01Independent Study 1-3TBA Staff