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Approved courses

Courses From Other Departments Approved for Gender and Sexuality Studies Credit

*Also listed on the College of Arts and Science Course Inventory online.

AFRICAN AMERICAN AND DIASPORA STUDIES: 1111, First-Year Writing Seminar*; 1204, Diaspora Feminisms; 2104, Popular Culture and Black Sexual Politics; 3214, Black Masculinity: Social Imagery and Public Policy; 2214, History and Myth: Black Women in the United States; 4264, Black Diaspora Women Writers.

CLASSICAL STUDIES: 1111, First-Year Writing Seminar*; 3100, Women, Sexuality, and the Family in Ancient Greece and Rome.

COMMUNICATION STUDIES: 1111, First-Year Writing Seminar*; 3100, Rhetoric of Social Movements; 3110, Women, Rhetoric, and Social Change; 3720, Communicating Gender; 2950, Rhetoric of Mass Media; 3890, Selected Topics in Communication Studies*.

DIVINITY: 7123, Ethics and Society: Justice.

ENGLISH: 1111, First-Year Writing Seminar*; 1111.19, Growing up Latina and Latino; 1230W, Literature and Analytical Thinking*; 1260W, Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis*; 3658, Latino-American Literature; 3742, Feminist Theory; 3622, Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers; 3658, Latino-American Literature; 3670W, Colonial and Postcolonial Literature; 3674, Caribbean Literature; 3890, 3890W, Movements in Literature*; 3890.01, Seminar Movements in Literature – Love Books; 3894, 3894W, Major Figures in Literature*; 3670, 3670W, Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature*; 3898, 3898W, Special Topics in English and American Literature*.

FRENCH: 3230, French and Francophone Cinema; 4320, French Feminist Thought: Literary and Critical; 4322, Adultery and Transgressions in Literature.

GERMAN: 4535, German Romanticism; 4537, Women and Modernity; 2444, German Fairy Tales: From Brothers Grimm to Walt Disney; 3344, Women at the Margins: German-Jewish Writers.

HISTORY: 1111, First-Year Writing Seminar*; 2835, Sexuality and Gender in the Western Tradition to 1700; 2840, Sexuality and Gender in the Western Tradition since 1700; 3010, Pornography and Prostitution in History; 2810, Women, Health, and Sexuality; 4960, Majors Seminar*.

HISTORY OF ART: 2765, Art since 1945; 3228W, Gender and Sexuality in Greek Art; 3840, Directed Study*; 4960, Advanced Seminar in History of Art*.

ITALIAN: 3340, Famous Women by Boccaccio.

JEWISH STUDIES: 1111, First-Year Writing Seminar*.

MEDICINE, HEALTH, AND SOCIETY: 1111, First-Year Writing Seminar*; 3890, Special Topics*.

PHILOSOPHY: 3604, Gender and Sexuality; 3007, French Feminism.

POLITICAL SCIENCE: 2209, Issues in Political Theory; 2236, The Politics of Global Inequality; 3264W, Global Feminisms; 3271, Feminist Theory and Research; 3893, Selected Topics in American Government*.

PSYCHOLOGY: 3705, Human Sexuality.

RELIGIOUS STUDIES: 1111, First-Year Writing Seminar; 2220, Ethics and Ecology; 3225, Sexuality in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East; 3926, Ancient Goddesses; 3930, Women and Religion; 4834, Post-Freudian Theories and Religion; 4938, Marriage in the Ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible; 4554, The Qur’an and Its Interpreters.

SOCIOLOGY: 3611, Women and the Law; 3603, Women and Social Activism; 3221, The Family; 3711, Women, Gender, and Globalization; 3604, American Social Movements; 3704, Gender in Society; 3616, Women and Public Policy in America; 3704, Race, Gender, and Sport; 3723, Gender, Sexuality, and the Body; 3304, Race, Gender, and Health; 3724, Gender Identities, Interactions, and Relationships.

SPANISH: 4755, Latin and Latin American Women Writers; 2990, Images of the Feminine in Spanish Cinema; 3893, Special Topics in Hispanic Literature*.

THEATRE: 3741, Elements of Basic Design: Costuming and Makeup; 2781, The History of Fashion: Sex and Propaganda.