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Approved courses for major/minor area requirements

A full list of major requirements can be found on the Undergraduate Major page.

A full list of minor requirements can be found the Undergraduate Minor page.

NOTE: ALL GSS courses count as GSS credit. If you are minoring in GSS or majoring in GSS with an additional major, check your degree audit to make sure your GSS courses are counting towards your GSS degree. If you have any questions, please contact your GSS advisor.


ASIA 2609W: Writing and Gender in Traditional China

ENGL 3658: Latino-American Literature

ENGL 3670W: Colonial and Postcolonial Literature

ENGL 3742: Feminist Theory

FREN 3223: The Querelles des Femmes (in French)

FREN 4320: French Feminist Thought (in French)

GSS 2234: Women in Judaism

GSS 2235: Women in Israel

GSS 2244: The Body, Culture, and Feminism

GSS 2610: Womanism in Global Context

GSS 3201: Women and Gender in Transnational Context

GSS 3273: Seminar on Psychoanalysis and Feminism

GSS 3281: Globalization and Policy Making

PHIL 3007: French Feminism

PSCI 3264W: Global Feminisms

RUSS 2600: Women and Resistance in Russia

SOC 3711: Women, Gender, and Globalization

SPAN 2990: Images of the Feminine in Spanish Cinema


AADS 1204: Diaspora Feminisms

AADS 2214: History and Myth: Black Women in the US

AADS 3214: Black Masculinity: Social Imagery and Public Policy

CMST 3110: Women, Rhetoric, and Social Change

ENGL 3622: 19th Century Women Writers

GSS 2244: The Body, Culture, and Feminism

GSS 2249: Women and Humor in the Age of TV

GSS 2270: Ecofeminism: Theory, Practice, and Action

GSS 3030: Feminist Disability Studies

GSS 3246/W: Women’s Rights, Women’s Wrongs

GSS 3250/W: Contemporary Women’s Movements

GSS 3265: Human Rights in Activism

GSS 3305: Gender and Sexuality in Times of Pandemic

GSS 3405: Mass Incarceration and Abolition Feminism

GSS 3892: Special Topics: Topics in Gender, Society, and Political Economy

HIST 2835: Sexuality and Gender to 1700

HIST 2840: Sexuality and Gender since 1700

HIST 2855: Women and Gender in the US to 1865

HIST 2860: Women and Gender in the US since 1865

ITA 3740: Gangsters, Lovers, Madonnas, and Mistresses

PHIL 3891: Feminist Philosophy

RLST 3926: Ancient Goddesses

RLST 3930: Women and Religion

SOC 3722: Gender and Society


AADS 2104: Popular Culture and Black Sexual Politics

ANTH 3145: Sexuality, Gender, and Culture

CLAS 3100: Women, Sexuality, and the Family in Ancient Greece and Rome

CMST 3270: Communicating Gender

FREN 4322: Adultery and Transgressions in Literature (in French)

GSS 2243: Sociologies of Men and Masculinity

GSS 2252: Sex and Scandals in Literature

GSS 2256: Literary Lesbians

GSS 2612: LGBT Studies

GSS 2613: Compulsory Couplehood

GSS 2614: Cowboys, Gangsters, and Drag Kings: Introduction to Critical Masculinity

GSS 2615: Transgender Lives in Literature and Film

HART 3228W: Gender and Sexuality in Greek Art

HIST 2240: Sex Law

HIST 2810: Women, Health, and Sexuality

HIST 3209: Sex, Marriage, and the Body in Islamic Law

JS 2710W: Jewish Sexual Ethics

LAS 4550: Gender, Sexuality, and Family in Latin America

MUSL 3150: Music, Gender, and Sexuality

PHIL 3604: Gender and Sexuality

RLST 1820: Religion, Sexuality, Power

RLST 3225: Sexuality in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East

SOC 3723: Gender, Sexuality, and the Body