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Approved courses for major/minor requirements

A full list of major requirements can be found on the Undergraduate Major page.

A full list of minor requirements can be found the Undergraduate Minor page.



ASIA 2609W: Writing and Gender in Traditional China
ENGL 3658: Latino-American Literature
ENGL 3670W: Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 3742: Feminist Theory
FREN 3223: The Querelles des Femmes (in French)
FREN 4320: French Feminist Thought (in French)
ITA 3340: “Famous Women” by Boccaccio
PHIL 3007: French Feminism
PSCI 3264W: Global Feminisms
SOC 3711: Women, Gender, and Globalization
SPAN 2990: Images of the Feminine in Spanish Cinema
WGS 2610: Womanism in Global Context
WGS 3201: Women and Gender in Transnational Context
WGS 3281: Globalization and Policy Making



AADS 2214: History and Myth: Black Women in the US
CMST 3110: Women, Rhetoric, and Social Change
ENGL 3622: 19th Century Women Writers
HIST 2835: Sexuality and Gender to 1700
HIST 2840: Sexuality and Gender since 1700
HIST 2855: Women and Gender in the US to 1865
HIST 2860: Women and Gender in the US since 1865
ITA 3740: Gangsters, Lovers, Madonnas, and Mistresses
RLST 3930: Women and Religion
RLST 3926: Ancient Goddesses
SOC 3722: Gender and Society
WGS 3246/W: Women’s Rights, Women’s Wrongs
WGS 3250/W: Contemporary Women’s Movements



AADS 2104: Popular Culture and Black Sexual Politics
ANTH 3145: Sexuality, Gender, and Culture
CLAS 3100: Women, Sexuality, and the Family in Ancient Greece and Rome
CMST 3270: Communicating Gender
FREN 4322: Adultery and Transgressions in Literature (in French)
HART 3228W: Gender and Sexuality in Greek Art
HIST 2240: Sex Law
HIST 2810: Women, Health, and Sexuality
LAS 4550: Gender, Sexuality, and Family in Latin America
PHIL 3604: Gender and Sexuality
RLST 1820: Religion, Sexuality, Power
RLST 3225: Sexuality in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East
SOC 3723: Gender, Sexuality, and the Body
WGS 2252: Sex and Scandals in Literature
WGS 2612: LGBT Studies
WGS 2613: Compulsory Couplehood