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Spring 2021 Graduate Courses

GSS 8302: Kristen Navarro, “Gender and Pedagogy,” W 3:10-5:40pm

In this course, we will think about our roles in higher education (as teachers, mentors, colleagues, workers) and consider the ways gender identity, race, sexuality, class, religion, and dis/ability inform these roles. We will interrogate our pedagogical assumptions and commitments, and we will challenge ourselves to craft pedagogical strategies that create accessibility for all students, accommodate student needs, and facilitate learning, with a special emphasis on critical thinking. This will be an online synchronous course.

GSS 8304: Shatema Threadcraft, “Gender and Justice,” T 12:10-3pm

This course examines contemporary debates in gender and racial justice. It opens with feminist and anti-racist engagements with John Rawls, specifically Susan Moller Okin, Iris Marion Young and Charles Mills. Course themes include: justice and the public private divide, the proper place of injustice in understandings of justice, corrective racial justice, misrecognition and indigenous resurgence, Latinidad and the trouble with unity, intersectionality, intersectional queer theory, and abolition, including abolition feminism, sovereign abolition and queer abolition. It ends with a consideration of our responsibility for justice. This will be an online synchronous course.