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Graduate courses

Gender and Sexuality Studies Graduate Courses

GSS 8301 [Every Fall Semester]: “Gender and Sexuality: Feminist Approaches.” Interdisciplinary introduction to the major debates, theoretical terms, and research methods in feminist, gender, sexuality, and queer studies.

GSS 8302 [Every Spring Semester]: “Gender and Pedagogy.” Feminist theories of teaching and learning; gender and diversity in the classroom; critical pedagogy.

GSS 8303: “Queer Theory.” History and development of queer theory. Key intellectual antecedents, significant theorists, and current trends. How sexuality intersects with gender, race, class, nationality, ability, and religion.

GSS 8304: “Gender, Power, and Justice.” Theoretical, historical, and cultural analysis of power structures and politics; analysis of activist and academic responses to contemporary political questions.

GSS 8305: “Sexual Politics: Theory and Practice”

GSS 8989: Independent Study.