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Graduate courses

Gender and Sexuality Studies Graduate Courses

WGS 8301. Gender and Sexuality: Feminist Approaches. Interdisciplinary introduction to the major debates, theoretical terms, and research methods in feminist, gender, sexuality, and queer studies.

WGS 8302. Gender and Pedagogy. Feminist theories of teaching and learning; gender and diversity in the classroom; critical pedagogy.

WGS 8303. Queer Theory. History and development of queer theory. Key intellectual antecedents, significant theorists, and current trends. How sexuality intersects with gender, race, class, nationality, ability, and religion.

WGS 8304. Gender, Power, and Justice. Theoretical, historical, and cultural analysis of power structures and politics; analysis of activist and academic responses to contemporary political questions.

WGS 8305. Sexual Politics: Theory and Practice

WGS 8989. Independent Study.