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Graduate Community Mission Statement

An extension of the Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies, the GSS Graduate Student Community looks to support and create community for graduate students from all disciplines and regardless of academic path. Our community asks neither that you are a certificate student nor working specifically on questions of gender and sexuality in your professional or academic degree. Your interest in gender and sexuality studies might play out in your activism, community organizing, personal identity, professional goals, teaching, as well as in your scholarship.

The GSS Graduate Student Community creates a space for you to think intersectionally about society and culture. We invite you to discuss issues of social justice and equity amidst other folks committed to these issues. Our goal is to provide an alternative community for graduate students so that you might step outside of your home institutions and make new meaningful connections and find additional resources and support. Practically, the GSS Graduate Student Community affords you the opportunity to present works-in-progress, create writing and reading groups, think about pedagogy and scholarship, as well as discuss various future paths beyond Vanderbilt.

We are always looking for ways to expand our community and better meet your needs. We’re here to listen.

For more information, contact the Associate Chair, Elizabeth Covington: (