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Used or Surplus Computer Equipment

1.  Surplus computers in VUIT (all old equipment retrieved from departments or labs.)  VUIT deletes all information or destroys the hard drives and fills in the tracking document/surplus property form.   Surplus Property picks up the equipment on designated days.

2.  Charity computers.  Some surplus computers which are identified as possibly useful for non-profit organizations are wiped.  Computers can be picked up from VUIT by non-profit organizations  if they provide their tax numbers.  Forms and tax information is sent to Bud Cobin in Surplus.

3. Vanderbilt computers (those purchased by VUIT under CAP or by research funds) of faculty leaving Vanderbilt.  Faculty leaving Vanderbilt  must  turn in their computer equipment to VUIT unless an arrangement has been made with the Deans Office to include the computer among equipment to be transferred to the faculty’s new (non-profit) school or university.  If faculty want to purchase  their computers, under Vanderbilt policy on the disposition of computers, these faculty must turn in the computer to VUIT and VUIT will wipe the computer of all data and software owned by Vanderbilt (storing data temporarily.)   VUIT  will then send the computer to Surplus (with the faculty name) and the faculty member can go to the Surplus store and purchase the computer at current fair market value (established by Surplus.)

If faculty members do not want to purchase their computers, the computers will be cleaned and recycled into VUIT inventory, for use by others.

Even though faculty may have used personal funds to upgrade the computer it is still the property of Vanderbilt University.

4.  Vanderbilt computers of retiring faculty.  Emeritus faculty who remain affiliated with Vanderbilt may continue to use their Vanderbilt computers and software.  When ready to dispose of their equipment, they must bring the computer to VUIT for wiping and disposal.  VUIT does not provide service for computers older than five years.

5.  Vanderbilt CAP computers.  See Computer Allocation Program Policy