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Research Group Support Policy

Vanderbilt IT (VUIT) staff is responsible for providing academic and administrative computing support within the College of Arts and Science. In order to help maintain a secure network, VUIT will provide limited computer support to research groups affiliated with the College of Arts and Science. Support for specialized and non-standard will be extremely limited. Measures must be taken to ensure that the staff of VUIT is protected from physical harm due to high-voltage systems, dangerous chemicals, experimental animals, and other potential hazards. Equipment will not be opened if it could result in exposure to these dangers.

An agreement from vendors must be arranged so that no actions taken by a VUIT staff member, under instruction from a vendor representative, can violate the terms of any existing warranty or support agreement. In the absence of vendor support, the researchers must agree not to hold VUIT liable for any undesired outcome.

In order to help prevent security problems, VUIT will provide assistance in the form of advice and security recommendations during an initial setup of a research system. This typically means installing antivirus software on a Windows or Macintosh system.  If a static IP address or a DNS entry is required, VUIT may provide assistance with this as well.

Ongoing assistance will be provided at the discretion of VUIT.   This will be done with the understanding that the VUIT staff member's academic and administrative projects take a higher priority than research-related projects. VUIT has the right to decline any research project for any reason.