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Home System Support Policy

Vanderbilt IT (VUIT) staff is not responsible for support of home computers of faculty and staff, or of computers not owned by Vanderbilt.  In some cases limited support may be provided for computers used for college work; VUIT will install work software and remove viruses. These cases will be a lower priority than the on campus computers of faculty and staff.  VUIT does not work on any computer older than five years.

  • Under no circumstances will a VUIT staff member come to your home to work on your computer.  The computer must be brought to campus.
  • We ask that no home computers or secondary computers be brought in during the two weeks preceding and following the beginning of a semester (this is a four-week period).  Computers brought in at that time may sit in storage until time is available to work on them.  NOTE: Computers received as personal Christmas gifts should be dealt with by the vendors from whom they were purchased.
  • Vanderbilt IT has the right to decline to work on non-Vanderbilt-owned equipment for any reason.

While we cannot endorse any private firms, there are many options available for computer repair outside of the Vanderbilt system for non-Vanderbilt equipment.