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Computer Equipment Ownership and Disposal

1.  Surplus computers in VUIT (all old equipment retrieved from departments or labs.)  All surplus equipment is sent to a recycling facility. Hard drives, or computers and other devices with hard drives, are destroyed in a secure facility to prevent data loss. All of the devices are then recycled.

2. Vanderbilt computers (any lifecycle system, or computer purchased with reasearch, grant, or startup funds.)  Faculty leaving Vanderbilt  must  turn in their computer equipment to VUIT unless an arrangement has been made with the Deans Office to include the computer among equipment to be transferred to the faculty’s new (non-profit) school or university. Computers turned into VUIT will be cleaned and recycled into VUIT inventory, for use by others.

3.  Vanderbilt computers of retiring faculty.  Faculty who receive emeritus or retired professor status may continue to use their Vanderbilt computers and software.  When ready to dispose of their equipment, they must bring the computer to VUIT for wiping and disposal.  VUIT does not provide service for computers older than five years.