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Faculty Computer Allocation Plan


The purpose of this plan is to provide and maintain computer equipment to support the academic pursuits of the faculty of the College of Arts and Science.

Computers for New Faculty

  • Faculty members who are provided research funds may purchase computers with those funds.  Purchases should be arranged through Vanderbilt IT in order to take advantage of discounts, avoid sales taxes, and ensure that the equipment is properly registered as the property of the College of Arts and Science.
  • Faculty members who do not have research funds will be provided used computers from inventory held by the College.

Replacement Computers

Eligible faculty members (defined below) will be provided new computers on a four-year replacement cycle.  For each eligible person, the College will purchase a desktop or laptop computer and Office software.  Faculty may defer replacement for one year and one year only.

Eligibility:  Tenured and tenure-track faculty and non-tenure-track faculty members with multi-year appointments at the rank of Senior Lecturer and above are eligible.  In addition, to receive a replacement computer, the eligible faculty must have completed four years of service to the College of Arts and Science. Visiting faculty, lecturers and those without multi-year appointments are not eligible and will be provided used equipment.

Equipment Standards:  Although faculty have differing approaches and preferences in computing, the College adopts standards in order to maximize purchasing power and contain support costs.  Therefore, the new equipment and software provided will be of brands and specifications supported by Vanderbilt IT. Faculty who wish to have more expensive computer systems or additional software may pay for the additional cost via appropriate research funds.


Maintenance and repair of the equipment are the responsibility of the College.  Vanderbilt IT staff will perform or coordinate the necessary repairs.  Repair or replacement of systems prior to four years from the purchase date will be at the discretion of VUIT.   VUIT does not provide support for systems older than five years.

Ownership and Custody

Vanderbilt will retain title to all equipment and software purchased by Vanderbilt under this plan irrespective of the source of funds used to purchase the equipment and software in the computer system.  Faculty members will retain custody of the equipment and software for as long as they are members of the College faculty (as described in the eligibility criterion above). When a new CAP system is received the old system may be retained by the faculty for work purposes.  When old systems are ready for disposal they must be brought to VUIT for wiping and disposal.

If faculty members leave Vanderbilt (or remain at Vanderbilt and are no longer members of the full-status tenured or tenure-track faculty of the College), all computing equipment that has been purchased under this plan reverts to the College unless an arrangement has been made with the Deans Office to include the computer among equipment to be transferred to the faculty member’s new (non-profit) school or university.


Eligible faculty members will be contacted by TSS by email in October of the year of eligibility.  

September, 2013