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Turning Point (Classroom Response System)


Turning Point (Classroom Response System)

Turning Point is a classroom response system. It is the currently selected system for use in the College of Arts and Science and in some other schools. Most large classrooms have the Turning Point software installed on the computer. Any faculty wishing to use Turning Point should contact Technology Support Services to make sure that the assigned classroom is equipped with the software and receiver. Students will be able to purchase the transmitter at the Bookstore or from other students.

Technology Support Services is responsible for installing select classrooms with the receivers. The following rooms have the receivers: SC5211, SC 4309, SC4327, Furman 114, Wilson 103 (PC and Mac), Wilson 126, and Buttrick 101. If you need your room equipped please call 322-4855.

If you want to learn more about Turning Point,

The Center for Teaching offers support in use of the classroom response system (clicker).