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VUIT-CAS Support Policy

Vanderbilt Computers

VUIT in the College of Arts and Science (VUIT-CAS) supports all faculty and staff computers and peripherals purchased with Vanderbilt funds.

Personal Computers

VUIT-CAS will provide “best effort” support for non-VU funded computers used for College work.  Under no circumstances will a VUIT-CAS staff member go to someone’s home.  Computers must be brought to campus for service. See Home System Support Policy for additional details.


VUIT-CAS will support wireless access, email and calendars for cell phones and tablets.

Student support

VUIT-CAS does not support undergraduate students.  Undergraduates can receive service at the Tech Hub.

VUIT-CAS provides limited support for graduate students.

- If a graduate student is using a Vanderbilt-funded computer, VUIT-CAS will provide full support. 

- If a graduate students is using a personal computer for teaching purposes, VUIT-CAS will provide “best effort” support.

- If a graduate student is using a personal computer for any other purpose than teaching, VUIT-CAS will not support it.  They can receive service at the at the  Tech Hub .

Research Group support

VUIT-CAS will provide limited support for specialized and non-standard equipment.  See Research Group Support Policy for additional details.