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OAK Questions

Commonly asked questions about OAK or Blackboard:

  1. How do I add Course Content?
  2. How do I add an Interactive Tool?
  3. How do I allow Guests in my class?
  4. How do I create an Assignment?
  5. How do I build content?
  6. Why can I not login?
  7. Why is some course content not available?
  8. How do I copy a previous course?
  9. What happens if I get a course copy error?
  10. What is the import limit to copying a course?
  11. Why are course banners not showing up?
  12. How can I edit my list of courses especially if it is really long?
  13. Why is my course not available or showing up?
  14. What is some basic information about the course page?
  15. How do I get a special course created?
  16. What happens when I get an error saying credentials are not accepted?
  17. What happens if my digital dropbox disappears?
  18. How do I enroll a Teacher's Assistant into my course?
  19. Why can I not see any grid lines in my Grade Center?
  20. How do I hide an old course?
  21. Why is Internet Explorer 8 not displaying properly?
  22. I am an instructor but my class is not showing or visible in OAK?
  23. How do I use iTunes U?
  24. Why is the Lecture Hall tool in collaboration tools problematic?
  25. How do I make my course available?
  26. Where can I go to get more help about OAK?
  27. Why are multiple files shown across screen, and not vertically on a separate line?
  28. Why do I have to re-authenticate every time I open an Office file?
  29. I can only see the course Announcements.  What happened to my Course Menu?
  30. What should I do if I get a "Package Too Large" error during a Course Copy?
  31. Why are my PDF files not displaying properly?
  32. How do I print from OAK?
  33. How do I use SafeAssign?
  34. What happened to a Syllabus course?
  35. How do I use Internet Explorer 9 with OAK?
  36. Why is the Visual Text Box Editor slow to load?