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Lab Guidelines

Use of Technology Support Services Computer labs are governed by the Vanderbilt University Computer Privileges and Responsibilities policy and the following:

Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Patrons using programs that require special systems have priority when other systems are available. Moreover, the computer classrooms (Garland 119, Stevenson Ctr. 2200, and Wilson 120) will be closed to individuals when formal classes are in session. Other than these caveats, all use of the labs depends on availability of equipment with priority given to course-related uses.

A variety of programs (software) are available for use in Technology Support Services . These programs have been specifically configured for our computers and peripherals. Consultants are available to provide some assistance in using the hardware and software.

Computers are available for ethical and constructive activities only. The unauthorized copying or "downloading" of registered software is a violation of Federal Law and the University Code of Conduct, and is thus strictly prohibited. The reconfiguration of lab systems is also prohibited. Any of these actions can result in being prohibited from using the facilities and may be reported to the Dean of Judicial Affairs for action under the University Conduct Code.

Some form of data storage is required to use most software. All systems have USB ports for flash drives, thumb drives, CD writers and/or VUspace for the storage of data. Please see a consultant at the reception desk or station for assistance in formatting and backing up data disks or accessing your VUspace. While laboratory personnel are ready to assist in the proper methods for saving and backing up data, patrons are solely responsible for any damage done to diskettes or loss of data.

Printing is available from every workstation. Technology Support Services is participating in the campus wide VUPrint program. This program was established to reduce waste and to recover part of the cost for paper and toner. All printing on our laser printers is charged at the rate of four cents per page. Your Commodore Card will be debited for the requisite amount. Color printing is available in the Garland Lab (Garland 119). This printer uses the VUPrint system and the cost is twenty-five cents per page. The color printer is located at the reception Desk in the lobby.

Food, beverages, and tobacco products are not permitted in the computer classrooms or laboratories.

Users may be held responsible for replacement or repair if unreasonable or irresponsible damage results from the misuse of Technology Support Services equipment.

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