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Audition Information

Auditions are open to all registered students in the Vanderbilt community. Directors usually post requirements for auditions on the greenroom board. You may stop by the Theatre's office in Neely Auditorium to read a copy of the script in the days before the audition. You may also contact the office with any additional questions or to set up an appointment to speak with a director personally.

VUT also welcomes the participation of any student on crews for scenery, lighting, costume, makeup, properties, sound, stage management, and house management. Contact us to see what opportunities are available.

Auditions take place on the main floor of Neely Auditorium. Dress so that you can move comfortably and relax - we usually try to have some fun.

Auditions and Crew Sign-ups

Kid-Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh by Jordan Harrison
Directed by Associate Professor Leah Lowe

Teenage girl genius Moll invents a fabulous machine that captures all sounds ever made only to have it stolen, along with her heart, by a despicably evil villain. With her trusty sidekick Oliver, the last boy-virgin in the eleventh grade, Moll embarks on a perilous journey across the raging river, through the cadaversome chasm, and over the mighty mountains in search of her amazing invention. Will they find it? Will evil triumph? Or will we face the end of NOISE AS WE KNOW IT ?

Kid Simple, a wildly inventive theatrical tale, features sound effects made live by the performers. It’s funny, daring, fast-paced, and quirky as can be. Performed by a dazzling ensemble of 8-10, Kid Simple is a fast-paced, intricate, cacophonous, out-of-this-world adventure story that explores innocence, experience, temptation, and above all, the intricacy of sound.

CAST BREAKDOWN: 3-5 women, 3-5 men 

All performers, with the exception of Moll, Oliver, and the Narrator will play multiple roles.

The ensemble includes two “Foley artists” who will perform live sound effects and play small roles through the course the play. These are great roles that might be of particular interest to musicians, music aficionados, loud people, and folks interested in sound production and design. 


4-6 pm, Wed. Aug. 23 and 7-9 Thurs. Aug. 24 in Neely Auditorium.


  1. Show up at Neely and fill out a card with your complete schedule on it on one of the two audition days.
  2. Be prepared to stay for the full two-hour block that you have decided to attend.
  3. Be willing to play some games, read from the script, ask some questions, and make a whole lot of noise.

Rehearsals for Kid Simple begin on Sun. Aug. 27. Performances run Sept. 29-Oct.1 and Oct. 5-8. Rehearsals will be held evenings and weekends. If you are cast, I will work around your stated conflicts until the final week before performances. I will expect, however, a commitment from you to make participating in the production a priority.

Scripts are available in the Theatre Department Office on the first floor of Neely Auditorium. Contact Laura Bodin ( or 615-322-2404) for details. I highly recommend reading the play before auditions if at all humanly possible.

 If you have questions, please feel free to contact me, the director, at

Six Characters in Search of an Author adapted by Stephen Moulds
From the Play by Luigi Pirandello
Directed by Coe Artist David Ian Lee

One night in the fall of 2017, four Vanderbilt University students attempt to rehearse a play at Neely Auditorium. These four students find their work interrupted by six characters in search of an author – six characters who are not of our time or place, determined to make their presence known…

Steve Moulds’ SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR is an adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s play of the same name, a classic work of the absurdist genre.  The play questions the nature of reality and the illusion of the theatre, challenging audiences to determine that which is “real” – and what could ever be “safe” -- within the confines of a theatre.

SIX CHARACTERS… is equal parts hilarious and horrifying, with a style that whiplashes from improvisational comedy to high melodrama, incorporating elements of satire and horror and pure midnight-madness.  Our show promises to be loads of fun and deeply unsettling. SIX CHARACTERS… is a love letter to the theatre, and a cautionary tale to anyone who dares walk into Neely Auditorium assuming a building to be nothing but a building.

Theatres have ghosts. We’re inviting the ghosts to play.

Auditions: 7-9 pm, Wed. Aug. 23 and 4-6 pm, Thurs. Aug. 24

Callbacks: TBA, Fri. Aug. 25

Rehearsal Dates: Rehearsals will begin the week of Oct. 2, with rehearsals held in the evening and on weekends.

Performance Dates: Nov. 3-5, 9-12

The Audition Process - Actors will be asked to:
-       Tell a favorite joke.
-       Play a game TBD.
-       Be silly.
-       Be brave. 
-       Prepare a monologue of the actor’s choice, selected from the text of SIX CHARACTERS… Monologues should be at         least 10-15 lines of dialogue spoken by The Father, The Mother, The Stepdaughter or The Son. Monologues need             not be memorized, though familiarity with the language is strongly encouraged.  Actors may be asked to recite                     additional content provided by the director.

Scripts are available to be read in the Theatre Department Office on the first floor of Neely Auditorium. Contact Laura Bodin ( or 615-322-2404) for details.

Casting Breakdown:
-   A Director
-   A Stage Manager
-   An Actor
-   An Actress

Note: “The Company” will be comprised of four performers playing versions of themselves; if Maggie Smith is cast as the Director, then the name of the character of the Director will be Maggie Smith. The dialogue for these characters will be devised in collaboration with the playwright, incorporating aspects of the performers’ real lives and personalities. I’m looking for interesting, weird, quirky, REAL people, willing to get all messy and delicious with their real selves. No acting, please.

-   A Father
-   A Stepdaughter
-   A Mother
-   A Son
-   (The roles of The Boy and The Girl will be played by young performers)

Note: “The Characters” have a performances style all their own. Their language is heightened, their physical nature is theatrical, and their very being is shaped by and purposed for the stage. Actors who audition for The Characters are encouraged to use their monologues to go for broke – or, rather, go for baroque.  The work owes as much to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion as it does to Shakespeare and the Greeks. Radiate, please. Be bold, by creepy, be great. 

Other Stuff:
Additional rehearsals and/or workshops prior to the official rehearsal start date may be asked of those actors cast as The Company.
The rehearsal calendar will be built to best accommodate those students’ cast in the production. That given, Internet wisdom says, “You always have time for the things you put first.” Give me everything you’ve got, and you’ll get everything I’ve got.

The production also seeks an Assistant Director. If interested, please attend the auditions.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at

This play scares the #@!! out of me – and it should! I’m looking forward to playing with you. HAVE FUN!  

Orlando by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Coe Artist Jessika Malone
Mrs. Warren's Profession by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Associate Professor Terryl Hallquist
will hold auditions later in the school year. 
Details will be forthcoming.