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Audition Information

Auditions are open to all registered students in the Vanderbilt community. Directors usually post requirements for auditions on the greenroom board. You may stop by the Theatre's office in Neely Auditorium to read a copy of the script in the days before the audition. You may also contact the office with any additional questions or to set up an appointment to speak with a director personally.

VUT also welcomes the participation of any student on crews for scenery, lighting, costume, makeup, properties, sound, stage management, and house management. Contact us to see what opportunities are available.

Auditions take place on the main floor of Neely Auditorium. Dress so that you can move comfortably and relax - we usually try to have some fun.

Fall 2021 Auditions

Auditions for the fall semester plays will be held on Thurs. Aug. 26 from 4-6 and from 7-9 and on Fri. Aug. 27 from 4-6 and from 7-9 in Neely Auditorium. They are open to all Vanderbilt students and we encourage first year students to audition. You need plan on attending only one audition session to audition. We will hold callbacks over the weekend of Aug. 28 and rehearsals for the first two fall semester plays will begin on Mon. Aug. 30. Rehearsals will be held in the evenings and weekend afternoons. If you are cast, we will work around your conflicts, to the degree that we can, up until tech week for each set of productions.
For auditions, Brooke and Dr. Lowe would like you to prepare a short story about some aspect of your life during the pandemic and a snatch of a song. The story can take any tone—dramatic, comic, fantastical—and we don’t mind if you make it up. Please keep it somewhere between 1-2 minutes and rehearse it for the audition. The song can be anything and we don’t really care if you are a singer—we just want to hear you carry a tune. 30 seconds is plenty and we will ask you to sing a cappella. We will read from the plays we are casting.

Unless specified in the character breakdowns below,
all roles are open to all races, genders, and ethnicities.

Britney Approximately: a pop greek tragedy reflecting on the pandemic
By Megan Tabaque
Directed by Brooke Dennison

Brit, who resembles a certain captive pop star, asks paparazzo Jason to help her free herself from her TV host father Creon’s grasping clutches. Will he? And what will Creon do to maintain control? How far will Brit go to make herself heard?


Brit—an approximation of Britney Spears that is not Britney Spears.

Photog (Jason)—a mediocre photographer who was in the right place at the right time, depending on what you consider “right.”

Creon—a really unhinged f***ing dickhead who loves to talk about himself and how awesome he is. Male identifying.

Nurse (Nancy)—a real nice baby-sitter for grown adult people. Female identifying. 

WHY YOU SHOULD AUDITION FOR THIS PLAY: because it’s a pop Greek tragedy and how often do you get that chance? Outrageous characters, wigs and sparkle, big drama, plus PUPPETS!

To Stab a Butterfly Through the Heart, or,
Vladimir Nabokov on a Westbound Train
By Ran Xia
Directed by Dr. Leah Lowe

How do you love a butterfly? Do you hold it carefully and preserve it so that you can admire it forever? Or do you release it into the wild and hope for the best? Is it better to creep along with certainty or risk everything in flight? On a westbound train, a passenger wrestles with these questions while her cat, Vladimir Nabokov, considers her from afar.


The Passenger: Female, 20s. She carries the intensity of an artic storm as well as the innocence of a wintry breeze.

Vladimir Nabokov: A cat, female or non-binary. In love with a Karner Blue butterfly specimen, but for the sake of being a cat, tries to stay aloof. Does not wear a cat suit.

The Conductor: A train conductor on the Amtrack Empire Builder line, any age/gender.

The Cadet: Female, 20s, in the US Air Force.

Filippe and Claudia Arnauld: Played by the same actors who play the Conductor and the Cadet. An elderly couple in their 80s.

The Messenger/Clarion: Male. 20s. A Karner Blue butterfly. Full of charisma, plenty of wisdom, also plenty of stupid. Sexy (he thinks).

WHY YOU SHOULD AUDITION FOR THIS PLAY: A strange and beautiful tale of love, risk, and connection. Fascinating characters, rich language, enigmatic events, all while a train hurtles across the country. And butterflies, lots of butterflies, delicate and powerful!

By Amina S. McIntyre
Directed by Brooke Dennison

Asali and Ajene, a young married couple, are calling it quits but a mysterious inheritance leads them to question their choices. Working together, they discover that love that can be resilient and true even when challenged by unimaginable hardship. 


Asali—a young woman whose great-grandmother has recently passed. Black.

Ajene—Her estranged husband. Black.

Octavia—Asali’s great-great grandmother. Black.

Jordan—Asali’s great-great grandfather. Black.

Norman—A lawyer.

WHY YOU SHOULD AUDITION FOR THIS PLAY: it’s a love story! A double love story! A story about coming to terms with someone you need. A story of joy, Black joy, growth, and understanding.

Wingman Telegram
By Will Henke
Directed by Dr. Leah Lowe

Rueben has been quarantined on his own for far too long. His life skills are rudimentary, at best. He’d love to date, but it all seems a little beyond him. Fortunately, help arrives in a cardboard box delivered to his door.


Rueben: A 22-year-old boy that just moved into his own apartment; hasn’t seen another woman besides his mom since quarantine started.

Roomba/[Insert Name Here]: Could be a 20-, could be a 50-year-old man who gets straight to the point after a few twists and turns; a professional wingman past his prime.

Nutribullet: A Parisian businesswoman who doesn’t have time for those who waste her time.

WHY YOU SHOULD AUDITION FOR THIS PLAY: It’s a goofy, absurd exploration of a young man left to his own devices for way too long. Who can help him out of the rut he’s been living, sleeping, and eating in for so very long? Enter the wingman . . . 

Contact Dr. Leah Lowe ( ) for more information.