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Audition Information

Auditions are open to all registered students in the Vanderbilt community. Directors usually post requirements for auditions on the greenroom board. You may stop by the Theatre's office in Neely Auditorium to read a copy of the script in the days before the audition. You may also contact the office with any additional questions or to set up an appointment to speak with a director personally.

VUT also welcomes the participation of any student on crews for scenery, lighting, costume, makeup, properties, sound, stage management, and house management. Contact us to see what opportunities are available.

Auditions take place on the main floor of Neely Auditorium. Dress so that you can move comfortably and relax - we usually try to have some fun.

Spring 2018 Cast Lists



ORLANDO: Miranda Pepin
ENSEMBLE [specific roles TBD]
William Cummings 
Mar Battistella
Raven Thompson
Josh Van Der Eerden
Koryn Guile
McKenzie Marshall
Mikaela Baker
Colleen Guerry
Annie Bradford
Grace Allaman
Lexi Perez
Sara Ernst
Lauren Hurley

Tremendous gratitude to everyone who came to share their talents during the auditions for ORLANDO! Such heart and imagination thrives in each of you and it was my sincere pleasure to spend time with you all this week. For those joining the ensemble cast, roles will be assigned during the first week of rehearsals as we devise how best to tell this timeless tale in our moment in time together. Happy Holidays to you all and see you in the bright new year!








Mrs Warren’s Profession


Please email the director to accept your role! 

Mary Marguerite Hall – Vivie Warren
Alex Schecter – Praed
Jessica Meyer –Mrs. Warren
Ian Gile – Frank Gardner
Cole Carlin – Sir. George Crofts
Barton Christmas – Rev. Samuel Gardner
Rachel Platt – Musician/Narrator

FROM THE DIRECTOR – my sincere thanks to all of you who shared your time and talent with us Wednesday or Thursday. It was our privilege to have you attend and give of yourself so generously.

ACTORS CAST: Please plan to visit the costume shop this Friday or Monday to get measured. Someone will be there between 1-5pm. Friday is preferable but Monday is ok, too.  If you can’t make either of these days or times, you must email me and I’ll forward your email to Alex Sargent, our costume designer.  She needs measurements before you leave for break. If you don’t know where the costume shop is, it’s at the back of Neely on the top floor. Enter by the stage door and just keep marching up the stairs. (*Jessica – please contact Alex Sargent to see if she wants you to send her your updated measurements.)

ALSO – pick up a script before you leave for break. You can get one from our Administrative Assistant, Laura Bodin in her office in the lobby of Neely.  Put your name on it! We will have a full-cast read through rehearsal early in the spring semester when you return. Robyn Hendrix, your stage manager, will arrange it and will let you know the time and place. I look forward to working with you!

Questions? Email me: