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Audition Information

Auditions are open to all registered students in the Vanderbilt community. Directors usually post requirements for auditions on the greenroom board. You may stop by the Theatre's office in Neely Auditorium to read a copy of the script in the days before the audition. You may also contact the office with any additional questions or to set up an appointment to speak with a director personally.

VUT also welcomes the participation of any student on crews for scenery, lighting, costume, makeup, properties, sound, stage management, and house management. Contact us to see what opportunities are available.

Auditions take place on the main floor of Neely Auditorium. Dress so that you can move comfortably and relax - we usually try to have some fun.

Spring 2022 Auditions

Blues for an Alabama Sky

By Pearl Cleage
Directed by Dr. Kristyl Tift

January 26 - 4-6:30pm
January 2027 2022 - 4-6pm


It is the summer of 1930 in Harlem, New York. The creative euphoria of the Harlem Renaissance has given way to the harsher realities of the Great Depression. Young Reverend Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. is feeding the hungry and preaching an activist gospel at Abyssinian Baptist Church. Black Nationalist visionary Marcus Garvey has been discredited and deported. Birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger is opening a new family planning clinic on 126th Street, and the doctors at Harlem Hospital are scrambling to care for a population whose most deadly disease is poverty. The play brings together a rich cast of characters who reflect the conflicting currents of the time through their overlapping personalities and politics. Set in the Harlem apartment of Guy, a popular costume designer, and his friend, Angel, a recently fired Cotton Club back-up singer, the cast also includes Sam, a hard-working, jazz-loving doctor at Harlem Hospital; Delia, an equally dedicated member of the staff at the Sanger clinic; and Leland, a recent transplant from Tuskegee, who sees in Angel a memory of lost love and a reminder of those “Alabama skies where the stars are so thick it’s bright as day.” Invoking the image of African-American expatriate extraordinaire Josephine Baker as both muse and myth, Cleage’s characters struggle, as Guy says, “to look beyond 125th Street” for the fulfillment of their dreams.

Performance Dates

April 13 @ 7pm
April 14 @ 7pm
April 15 @ 7pm
April 16 @ 7pm


ANGEL ALLEN – a 34-year-old black woman; former back-up singer at The Cotton Club.

GUY JACOBS – a 30-ish black gay man; costume designer at The Cotton Club.

DELIA PATTERSON – 25-year-old black woman; social worker at The Margaret Sanger clinic.

SAM THOMAS – a 40-year-old doctor at Harlem Hospital.

LELAND CUNNINGHAM – a 28-year-old black man from Alabama; a six-week resident of Harlem.


Please prepare a 1-2-minute dramatic monologue. You will be asked to cold read select sides from the script, if called back. It is recommended that you read the play prior to auditions.


Please make yourself available for a one-hour time slot (b/w 4pm and 6pm) on Thursday, January 20th for callbacks.


Email Dr. Tift with any questions, comments, or concerns at kristyl.d.tift@Vanderbilt.Edu .