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Audition Information

Auditions are open to all registered students in the Vanderbilt community. Directors usually post requirements for auditions on the greenroom board. You may stop by the Theatre's office in Neely Auditorium to read a copy of the script in the days before the audition. You may also contact the office with any additional questions or to set up an appointment to speak with a director personally.

VUT also welcomes the participation of any student on crews for scenery, lighting, costume, makeup, properties, sound, stage management, and house management. Contact us to see what opportunities are available.

Auditions take place on the main floor of Neely Auditorium. Dress so that you can move comfortably and relax - we usually try to have some fun.

  Fall 2018 Auditions and Crew Sign-ups



First Year Showcase Auditions

Are you a first-year or transfer student interested in theatre at Vanderbilt? Join Vanderbilt University Theatre for auditions and crew sign-ups for the 2018 First Year Showcase! This unique performing arts opportunity gives new students the chance to be part of a low-time commitment show and in a cast and crew made entirely of other new students. This year, First-Year Showcase will consist of two short plays directed by senior theatre majors — see below for more info about the shows!


AUDITION INFO — Auditions will take place on Friday, September 14th from 6:30-8:30pm and Sunday, September 16th from 2:30-4:30 in Neely Auditorium. You only need to attend one audition session. Please arrive as early as you can, and be prepared to stay for the whole audition period. Auditions will consist of games and acting exercises, and some cold readings from the scripts — no need to prepare anything!

TECH AND SHOW DATES — Tech week begins Sunday, November 25th and runs through Wednesday, November 28th; show dates are November 29th and November 30th (Thursday and Friday).

QUESTIONS — please contact directors Kat Ko ( and Michael Maerlender ( with questions.

CREW — Students interested in signing up to be on crew for either shows can visit Neely Auditorium during either of the above audition times. Crew roles are available in costuming, hair and makeup, lighting, sound, carpentry and painting, and backstage crew. Please contact stage manager Ian Gile ( with questions or if you are unable to sign up in person.


Written by Robb Badlam
Directed by Kat Ko

Brian, Dylan, Danielle, and Cindy are four 20-something year olds trying to figure out their lives. As they lounge around the house, they discuss tv shows, applying for jobs, and their fondest childhood memories. Between all the banter and pop culture references, moments of revelation and honesty emerge. Slop-Culture offers a hilarious and heartfelt insight into the everyday musings of young minds (2m, 2f).

By Arthur M. Jolly
Directed by Michael Maerlender

Janice, Ellen, Eddie, and Pottsy may not be the best salespeople around... actually, they may not be the best people around either. When their co-worker meets his unfortunate end in the middle of a friendly sales competition, the crew must figure out how to deal with death, defeat, and a lack of all dignity– all before 5 PM. Sales of a Dead Man is a ludicrous workplace comedy at the intersection of economics, ethics, and empathy (2m, 2f).



Auditions and Crew Sign-ups for The Language Archive and Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom are complete. 

Please check back for audition information for Showcase 2022 directed by Kat Ko and Michael Maerlender. Also watch this space for information about auditions for the spring shows: Twelfth Night, directed by Santiago Sosa and The Suppliants, directed by Jonathan Vandenberg.

Our thanks to all who auditioned! If you weren't cast, and would like to be on crew, please contact us!  


The Language Archive by Julia Cho


GEORGE: Jared Schmidt

MARY: McKenzie Marshall

EMMA: Kat Ko

ALTA: Sarah Lu

RESTON: Barton Christmas


OLD MAN/PASSERBY: Edwin Campbell




Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom by Jennifer Haley


MAKAELA and BARBARA: Mikaela Baker

RYAN and TOBIAS: Lukas Berglund

TREVOR and DOUG: Darius Cowan

VICKI: Ariacella DelGrande

MADISON and LESLIE: Lillian Dennison

CHELSEA: Chloe O'Dell

BLAKE: Josiah Pehrson

KAITLYN and JOY: Rachel Platt

JARED and STEVE: Josh van der Eerden