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Graduate Students

The College of Arts and Science offers a number of opportunities and grants to support graduate students’ education and to advance their research.  The College also provides services and information intended to help A&S graduate students make the most of funding available to them for their research from other sources within Vanderbilt as well as from external sources.  As part of their studies, graduate students in Arts and Science engage in groundbreaking research and exemplary teaching, and the College therefore also offers a number of awards to recognize this excellent research and teaching being done by Arts and Science graduate students. 


Information about the awards for outstanding teaching and research granted by the College of Arts and Science to graduate students.

Internal Funding Opportunities

Links to sources of funding for graduate students from around campus.

External Grants and Fellowships

Information about external grants available to students in the humanities and social sciences and about services available from the College to assist in applying for grants.

Responsible Conduct of Research

Training required of graduate students as well as postdocs and undergraduates conducting research.  Helpful information for all those who participate in research.


A list of seminars the College runs for A&S graduate students to help them make the most of their graduate education as well as a schedule of upcoming seminars.


Contact Information

Graduate Education and Research, College of Arts and Science

Alan Itkin, Assistant Dean for Graduate Education and Research
Senior Lecturer in German & Slavic Languages
phone: (615) 875-9189