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Portuguese Language Program

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Minor in Portuguese

The minor in Portuguese consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours. The specific requirements are as follows:

  1. Portuguese 2203 (Intermediate Portuguese; a more advanced language course may, subject to approval by the department, be substituted) 3 hours
  2. One of the following two courses: Portuguese 3301 (Composition) or Portuguese 3302 (Portuguese through Pop Culture) 3 hours
  3. Portuguese 3303 (Introduction to Luso-Brazilian Literature) 3 hours
  4. At least one of the following two courses: Portuguese 4420 (Brazilian Literature through the Nineteenth Century) or Portuguese 4425 (Modern Brazilian Literature) 3 hours
  5. At least 3 additional hours selected from among the 2203-level courses listed below; one 6010-level graduate course or seminar may, with the permission of the minor adviser, be included:
  • Portuguese 4350 (Brazilian Culture), 4420 (Brazilian Literature through the Nineteenth Century), 4425 (Modern Brazilian Literature), 3892 (Special Topics), 7070 (Spanish American and Brazilian Literature I), 7071 (Spanish American and Brazilian Literature II), 9300 (Comparative Methodology), 9520 (Seminar) 3 hour

Print Checklist for Portuguese Minor


PORT 1103

Intensive Elementary Portuguese. Accelerated introduction to reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Emphasis on practical usage. Open to students with prior study of another Romance language or by permission of instructor.


PORT 2203

Intermediate Portuguese. Review of Portuguese grammar with emphasis on conversation, composition, and reading of modern Portuguese literary texts. Prerequisite: 1103 or equivalent.

PORT 3301

Techniques of expository writing. Focus on vocabulary, grammar, and rhetoric. Prerequisite: 2203.