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Berna Muñoz Martínez

Graduate Student

Berna Muñoz (Seville, Spain) is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese, with research interests in contemporary Spain, regional studies, Andalusian literature and culture, religion and religiosity in southern Iberia and the use of culture in the language classroom. He is currently writing a dissertation directed by Dr. N. Michelle Murray entitled “Hombres de campo. La estética de la masculinidad en el mundo rural y la narrativa andaluza del tardofranquismo (1958-1974)”that explores patriarchy and gender relations in the south of Spain in the transition years from dictatorship to democracy. He has been co-organizer of several conferences on theater in Spain and co-editor of El teatro del género, el género del teatro: las artes escénicas y la representación de la identidad sexual, among other books.