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Carolina Palacios

Coordinator of Elementary Spanish for True Beginners 1100 Elementary Spanish 1 and 2 1101/1102
Senior Lecturer

Carolina Palacios completed her Ph.D. in Modern Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish and Portuguese from the University of Tennessee in 2007. Her area of interest is Twentieth Century Latin American Theater. She has been the Coordinator of Spanish for True Beginners 100 and Elementary Spanish I 101 for the last three years at Vanderbilt University. In the last decade she has taught an assortment of courses including, conversation, composition, and introduction to Hispanic literature. Also, she was the Site Coordinator of VISAGE (Vanderbilt Initiative for Scholarship and Global Engagement) in Costa Rica in 2008.  She has coordinated and taught Spanish courses to groups of students on Study Abroad Programs, in Spain (2003) and Mexico (2004). Her article, "La Serrana de la Vera de Vélez de Guevara y el Romanticismo incipiente" was published by Romance Notes in Spring 2007. She participated as a reviewer of the book "Con Brio", published by Wiley & Sons Inc. on 2008. She was born in Minatitlan, Veracruz (Mexico).