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Professor Fitz was featured in the “Destaque” section of The Portuguese Newsletter, a publication of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.

January 10, 2019—Professor Fitz was featured in the “Destaque” section of The Portuguese Newsletter, a publication of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Essays appearing in 2018 included: “E a, Machado, and World Literature” in Transatlantic Dialogues, a special edition of Revista de Estudos Literários, and “Translating with Greg Rabassa: The Last Book” and “Issues of Re-Translation”, both appearing in Exchanges: Journal of Literary Translation, an online publication of the University of Iowa Translation Workshop. At the annual conference of the American Literary Translators Association at Indiana University, Dr. Fitz presented “Two’s Company: On Teamwork and Co-Translation” and discussed his translation projects with the late Distinguished Professor Gregory Rabassa.

Professor Earl Fitz has written a new book

October 15, 2017—Professor Earl Fitz has a new book titled INTER-AMERICAN LITERARY HISTORY: SIX CRITICAL PERIODS and published by Peter Lang Edition. Other recent publications include the journal article "Clarice Lispector as a Northeastern Writer" appearing in REVIEW: LITERATURE AND ARTS OF THE AMERICAS and the book chapters "Then and Now: The Current State of Inter-American Literary Studies" in THE ROUTLEDGE COMPANION TO INTER-AMERICAN STUDIES (Routledge) and "Borges, Clarice, and the Development of Latin America's 'New Narrative'" in BEYOND TORDESILLAS: NEW APPROACHES TO COMPARATIVE LUSO-HISPANIC STUDIES (Ohio State University Press). An article about Machado de Assis was translated and reprinted in Brazil by Alameda Casa Editorial. Recent lecture topics were "Identity in the Americas" at the University of Georgia and "Brazil and Spanish America Historically Compared" at Davidson College.

Professor Earl Fitz was chosen to deliver the 56th Christopher Longest Lecture at the University of Mississippi.

August 16, 2017—The title of his talk was "Faulkner and Latin America." His other recent talks include "Gregory Rabassa and Translation" and "Gregory Rabassa (1922-2016): A Celebration," both at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Publications during 2016 were the book chapters "Writing Womanhood in the New Brazil" in EMERGING DIALOGUES ON MACHADO DE ASSIS, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, and "Indigenous American Literature: The Hemispheric Perspective" in THE ROUTLEDGE COMPANION TO NATIVE AMERICAN LITERATURE, New York: Routledge. He also authored the journal article "Clarice Lispector, Writing, and the Language Novel" at the request of THE SCOFIELD.

Professor Philip D. Rasico recently published a new article

April 21, 2016—Professor Philip D. Rasico has recently published the article "La toponímia de Campome (Conflent) segons una enquesta lingüística inèdita de Joan Coromines realitzada l'any 1960," in Miquelàngel Pradilla (ed.), Misceŀlània d'Homenatge a Joan Martí i Castell, I. Tarragona: Publicacions de la Universitat Rovira i Virgili, pp. 261-268.

Professor Earl E. Fitz recently gave three invited lectures

October 28, 2015—Earl E. Fitz, professor of Portuguese, Spanish, and comparative literature, recently gave three invited lectures. At the University of Chicago, he talked about "Clarice Lispector's Denunciation of the Brazilian Dictatorship." At the Third International Translation Conference held at the University of Illinois, he addressed the topic of "Translation as Creative Writing." At "Transatlantic Dialogues", an international symposium at Indiana University, his talk was entitled, "An Arc of Brilliance: Innovation and Tradition in the Narratives of Machado de Assis and Eca de Queiroz." Professor Fitz's latest publications include an invited article, "Goethe's 'Weltliteratur' and the World of Lusophone Letters: The Case of Brazil" for the commemorative fiftieth issue of the journal BRASIL/BRAZIL (2014). In the edited volume THE INTERNATIONAL TURN IN AMERICAN STUDIES (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2015), he contributed the essay "Inter-American Literary Studies in the Twenty-First Century: The View from the United States" and the essay "Inter-American Studies as an Emerging Field: The Future of a Discipline". The latter was reprinted with permission from a special issue of the VANDERBILT e-JOURNAL OF LUSO-HISPANIC STUDIES from 2004.

Professor Philip D. Rasico has been awarded the 25th International Ramon Llull Award

August 20, 2015—Professor Philip D. Rasico has been awarded the 25th International Ramon Llull Award (XXVè Premi Internacional Ramon Llull) in recognition of his research, teaching and promotion of the Catalan language. The award is made by the unanimous decision of a distinguished panel of scholars representing de Fundació Ramon Llull and the Congrés de Cultura Catalana. Professor Rasico is the first scholar from the United States to receive this recognition. The award will formally be made at a ceremony to be held in late 2015 in Andorra.

Edward Friedman recently has published essays

July 27, 2015—Edward Friedman recently has published essays in A History of the Spanish Novel (Oxford), The Picaresque Novel in Western Literature (Cambridge), Approaches to Teaching Cervantes’s “Don Quixote” (MLA), and Perspectives on Early Modern Women in Iberia and the Americas (Escribana), as well as essays on Hispanic studies in the United States in El español en el mundo (Instituto Cervantes) and ¿Por qué España? (Galaxia Gutenberg).



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Professor Cathy L. Jrade's Retirement Celebration

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Seminari a cárrec del Premi Internacional Ramon Llull 2015, Philip D. Rasico


Assistant Professor Ty West (VU PhD) and Assistant Professor Camille Sutton (VU PhD) meet at the Moving from Crisis Management to Innovation: Reimagining the Role of World Languages in the 21st-Century Academy conference at Simpson College

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